Chapter 15 

After he got his sports car, David went back home.

After he opened his brand-new laptop, he downloaded Whale Streaming and registered a new account using the username Lil Match. David had never seen Whale Streaming before because he could not afford a computer.

Whale Streaming was the largest streaming platform on the computer while TikTok was the largest on mobile. The two basically dominated over 80% of their respective industries.

After David entered the ID for his cousin’s stream, he saw that it was about 11 pm and that girl was having a lot of fun in her stream.

After he entered the steam, Lily was thanking the people who bought her gifts. However, their gifts were small in size, and they only cost about eight or ten dollars. When David looked at the biggest amount gifted, it was only a little over ten thousand while the second-ranking was only a few hundred.

David felt that he should tell this girl during Labor Day that her cousin was a quadrillionaire now and perhaps her gift was too cheap. If others knew learned about this, David would be so humiliated.

After he topped up 10 million to his account, he was about to buy some gifts for Lily. He wanted to give her tens of millions, but after thinking about it, he gave up on that idea. He was worried that he would scare her.

He should wait and give it to her when he went to Lake City during Labor Day. That way, he could also tell his aunt in advance so that she would not suspect that David was doing some illegal business.

“Thank you for your gift, Mr. W!

“Thank you for the gift, Star!

the sports car, Senior!

named Senior giving Lily a Sports Car. A Sports Car cost 200 each and this person named Senior was Rank

don’t you call me handsome? I’ll steal Rank One from that guy

Lake City.


of Cloud Lake

who gave her gifts in

a comment attracted

did not hesitate before saying, “Lil Match, you’re so handsome! Are you sure you

Lil Match: [Of course!)

David continued,

thank you, handsome Lil

person named Senior who was

who are you? How dare you try to steal my rank. We’ll

too lazy

chose the most


streamer Dumpling

David sent a message.

(Are you going to follow?] (Senior has given streamer Dumpling a Super Rocket

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