Chapter 14 In the evening, David walked into the Golden Leaf Hotel with his head high.

“Hello, Mr. Lidell!”

“Hello, Mr. Lidell!”

Four beautiful attendants at the door greeted Lidell with admiration in their eyes.

The news about David becoming their boss had spread throughout the hotel. Pearl had started handling the affairs of a general manager and the previous general manager Sean had already left.

After David entered the hall, the four attendants started discussing among themselves.

“Mr. Lidell is so young and handsome!”

“Yes! He’s so handsome and rich! He’s the man of my dreams that I’ve been waiting for!”

“Mr. Lidell won’t fall for you!”

“How do you know? What if I’m his cup of tea?”

“Tch, Mr. Lidell’s cup of tea is Ms. Warner.”

“Don’t you know that you’ll get bored eating the same food? If Mr. Lidell wants a change of taste, then our time will come.”

After he walked into the lobby, Pearl came

here? Didn’t I promote you to the general manager? Did you not

the affairs of the general manager. I am here to greet

handed David

I’ll leave after I’m finished. Right, may I know

I want to buy them a meal to

don’t know a lot of things. I won’t

a receptionist from the front desk to take David to dinner before


the way. You don’t need to take

we changed your room today, so just let me lead the way,” the receptionist

new room? Why?” David

were using Private Room 3, but you’re the chairman now and the chairman

the way.” David did not quibble over this


was almost dark, River City was a city that never slept. A lot of shops would close at 12 but David still did not find the sports car he liked. After he asked around, he found out that the limited edition sport’s

only available in some high-end dealerships and the price would be

only person who would have connections about this

gave Hugh a

picked up the call

in Lake City?” Hugh’s

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