Chapter 13

Ten minutes later…

There was a knock on the door.

“Come in. Sean, Pearl, you should come in too,” Hugh said.

After the door was opened, Jack, Sean, and Pearl entered the room together.

“Allow me to announce something. Mr. Lidell and I have reached an agreement. We’ll transfer Golden Leaf Hotel to Mr. Lidell for a fee of 20 billion dollars. Mr. Hansen, prepare to receive the deposit and draft an invoice. The transaction will be done within a week,” Hugh looked at the three of them and said.

The three of their expressions were different when they heard this news.

Jack was indifferent. He had been around Hugh for many years. Not only was he the head of financial affairs in the Golden Leaf Hotel, but he also held other jobs at other places. His workload would be reduced if Hugh sold Golden Leaf Hotel.

On the other hand, Sean’s face turned gray. He was a general manager Hugh found using a headhunting company. Even though he lost a job here, it would be easy for him to find another job. However, it would be difficult to find one as good as this one.

Pearl was the happiest one among them. Her face was red from excitement and she looked very charming now.

Jack gave David an account and David immediately transferred 10% of the deposit, which was 2 billion, into the account. After that, he got a receipt from Jack.

After he paid the deposit, there was nothing uncertain about this transaction any more. The way Hugh looked at David was also different now.

According to Bill, if this kid could take out so much money to buy the hotel, then he must be a child from a hidden rich family. Hugh did not know much about this group. They were a little mysterious, but they were terrifyingly powerful.

If he was not at a certain level, he would not be able to get into contact with them. He also heard that these people were not just rich.

At this moment, David said, “Mr. Greene, I’m still a student so I don’t have so much time to handle the handover, so you can just go to Miss Pearl. She’ll be the general manager here from now on.”

“Mr. Hansen, execute this according to Mr. Lidell’s orders,” Hugh said to Jack.

“Okay, Mr. Greene!”

Then, Hugh turned to say to David, “Mr. Lidell, the deal is done, so we’re friends now. It makes us sound like strangers if you keep calling me Mr. Greene. My name is Hugh and I’m a few years older than you. Why don’t you just call me by my name?”

“Since you said that, then don’t call me Mr. Lidell too. Just call me Dave!’

When you come to Lake City next time, you have to give

will definitely contact you when I’m in Lake

in Lake City? Perhaps

need to rush back to Lake City this afternoon. Dave, remember, you have to contact me if you’re in Lake City. I am pretty respected

“I will.”


the room. She knew she would need to serve this extremely young boss

to you from now on,” David said to Pearl who

let you down. I’ll definitely manage


Sean were

change soon. If you want to stay, I can talk to Dave. You can

department manager, but he could not afford to offend him. After all, the rank of a department manager and a general manager were very different. The treatment was also very different, so he said quickly, “Mr. Greene, I don’t

don’t have a suitable position for you for now. Why don’t I give you a year’s salary and you can look for another job?

years left for the contract we signed. You can’t abandon me like this!” Sean said,

already made it so clear. Why don’t you understand? Do you want me to spell it out for you? Do you think I don’t know what you’ve been doing these past years? I can keep one eye closed as long as you don’t test my limits. If I want to pursue the matter, just depending on the severity of the things you’ve done, you

what he did all those years well and he thought that money meant nothing to a hotel with an annual profit of a billion dollars. He did not

the cold sweat from his forehead and said, “I understand, Mr. Greene. I’ll pack my things and get out of

so you should go

“Thank you, Mr. Greene!”

left the room

a sport’s car. However, after he looked around, he saw that there was none that he

a laptop and some branded clothes to change

on the leather sofa, he checked the system

[Host: David Lidell

[Balance: 9999997892598996 dollars

[Body: 19 (Weak) 

[Mind: 28 (Normal) 

[Skills: Driving (introductory) 

[Lavish points: 20

19 points and it was still

was still 28

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