Chapter 4

The same thought popped up in Roxanne’s mind. Is this little girl a mute?

Her sympathy for the little girl increased. In a gentle voice, she asked, “Can you give me your hand?”

With that, she stretched her hand outward.

Despite staring at her timidly, the little girl seemed to be less rigid after hearing her words.

Roxanne waited patiently for the little girl to accept her hand.

After a long hesitation, the little girl finally reached out to take Roxanne’s hand cautiously.

Seeing that, Roxanne held her hand gently and helped her up. She didn’t forget to check the little girl again for any injuries.

Because of her action, they got physically closer to each other.

The little girl felt soft and fluffy. She even smelled like milk.

Roxanne couldn’t help but recall her daughter, who was a stillborn baby.

If she were to grow up well, she’d be around this little girl’s age.

As that thought surfaced in her mind, Roxanne was overcome with heartache and regret.

As if sensing her emotions, the little girl stayed put and gazed at her quietly.

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down and tried to negotiate with the little girl. “Do you have your parents’ phone number?

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that, he realized the temperature surrounding his employer had dropped

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