Chapter 5

Lucian glared at her silently for a few seconds.

Meanwhile, Aubree dug her nails into her palm to stop herself from revealing her real emotions.

“You’d better not be lying.”

Lucian averted his gaze a while later and turned to Cayden. “Did the police get back to you?”

Cayden’s voice was grim. “Not yet.”

He glanced at Lucian carefully and asked, “Could someone has kidnapped Ms. Estella?” Concern was evident in his voice.

The girl was Lucian’s darling daughter. She was well-adorned in the Farwell family and thus became the target of many of Lucian’s rivals. Previously, she was nearly kidnapped.

Now, she was nowhere to be found, and even the police couldn’t find her anywhere. Hence, Cayden couldn’t help but think of the worst—someone had kidnapped her.

Lucian’s gaze turned as dark as thunder. “Increase the manpower and expand the search area. I want to see her by the end of today!”

“Got it!” Cayden responded loudly.

He felt a chill go down his spine when he realized his employer was about to blow his top.

Lucian had just spun on his heels to leave when his phone rang.

Right now, he wasn’t in the mood to talk on the phone. Pulling out his phone, he was about to reject the call when he realized it was from an unknown number.

Lucian scowled and

voice rang

Lucian narrowed his eyes

this sound just like

afternoon at the airport

Is anyone there?” Roxanne repeated dubiously after a

back to his senses and replied curtly,

only one syllable, so it was too short for Roxanne to recognize

after hearing his response. “Hello. I’ve run into a little girl who gave me your phone

rang in his ear clearly and resonated

she spoke, the colder Lucian’s

talking, Lucian’s eyes were practically

but there’s no way I’d have

Lucian lowered his voice deliberately and asked,

at Drunken Fairy. We’ll wait here with her. Will you come to the restaurant to

head there

said, Lucian cut the line and ordered, “Get the car.

employer grew furious all of a sudden, Cayden replied

at her phone as the screen dimmed. Strangely, she felt nervous

hoarse. Why does it sound

out an answer, she stopped deliberating over

you hungry?” Madilyn

starving. Let’s head in for dinner. We can bring her

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