Chapter 6

The Drunken Fairy was one of the best private restaurants in Horington. Every dish served was exemplary, and the place only accepted the most high-profile clients. Reservations also had to be made at least one month in advance.

Madilyn had managed to book a table yesterday using her connections.

The restaurant’s interior was exquisite; a screen separated every table, each room’s entrance was made of wood, and the building didn’t have a roof. When night fell, the chandelier above gave off a very antique and quintessential vibe, and one would feel as though they were dining under the moonlight.

The small group made their way into the building and seated themselves at a corner table.

It wasn’t long until the waitstaff arrived with their food.

Worried that the little girl would feel uncomfortable, Roxanne gave her all her attention, feeding her and wiping her mouth at every opportunity.

Archie and Benny sat next to them. Seeing Estella indulge in the food melted their hearts, and they tried their best to peel as much shrimp as they could for her.

Estella never stopped chewing as she kept her focus on the growing pile of food before her.

“Did you hear what happened? The Farwell family’s princess has gone missing! The family’s scoured the entire city for her, but they still can’t find her.”

Suddenly, a voice could be heard coming from the table next to them.

The next person to speak sounded warier. “She couldn’t have been kidnapped, could she? Whoever’s done it sure has nerves of steel. Who would ever dare lay their hands on her? She’s Lucian Farwell’s precious little girl! They must be tired of living.”

Roxanne’s movements slowed down visibly at the mention of Lucian’s name, and she began to space out.

mute and has never said a single word, but she still gets to live the best life. How


of suspicion flashed in Roxanne’s


child I picked up hasn’t spoken a

she does look

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thought of this, Roxanne suppressed her astonishment as she turned to the child on her

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their eyes met, Roxanne felt as though she

be Lucian’s daughter,

for a few seconds. “That’d be too much of a

she knew everything the former had

five or six, which means she’s about Archie and Benny’s

had a child with that first crush of his right after Roxanne divorced

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deserves someone better

The more she thought about it, the more certain she was that the little girl seated

this time,” she remarked

felt her heart sink as she gazed at the confused-looking child. “What should we do, then? Lucian’s probably on his way now!” she

Roxanne began to panic.

brief moment later, she handed her phone to Madilyn. “Take my phone and act like it’s yours. I’ll get Archie and Benny out of here. We’ll be

Madilyn nodded in understanding.

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