Chapter 10

The four of them then returned to the mansion.

Roxanne and the two children were so hungry that they gobbled up all the leftovers Madilyn brought from the restaurant.

After dinner, the children went upstairs to take a shower.

Madilyn cast a doubtful look at her best friend. “Why are you running away from him? I don’t get it. I thought you two had a divorce agreement? Why are you so afraid of him? And you didn’t tell me why you divorced him. What exactly happened in the last few years?”

After meeting her gaze, Roxanne lowered her eyes and hesitated for a moment. She decided to roughly tell Madilyn the story.

“Oh, my God! No, you didn’t!”

Never in a million years did Madilyn think Roxanne would drug Lucian and give birth to his children.

So that’s why she ran away when she heard his name!

looked agonized. “I don’t want him to know about Benny and Archie. Besides, I’m still worried that he would still hold grudges against me for drugging him. People with an identity like his can easily take revenge against me as long as he wants to. I wouldn’t be afraid of facing the consequences if I

it’s just me overthinking. He might not even give a damn about it. I’m just a

think he recognized your voice. When he went in

hearing that. She felt a prickly pain in

that night. I bet that’s the only feeling he has

“Don’t worry, Roxanne. I’m sure you won’t bump into him so easily since Horington is a big

nodded, hoping luck would


Archie’s and Benny’s

immediately stopped their discussion and looked toward

was still moisture in their hair, and their fair skin was dewy. The two

tilted their heads upward, and gazed at them with wide eyes.

carried both cuties in her arms. “You two are so adorable! I like you so

not utter a word as

could not help but

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