Chapter 17
Roxanne put up her guard when she realized the man was a drunkard.
Hoping to avoid unnecessary trouble, she apologized again, “I’m really sorry. Are you okay?”
When she finished speaking, the man in front of her suddenly smiled maliciously. Even his voice sounded excited. “Hello, pretty babe… I’m fine. You’ll find out after having a few drinks with me. I’ll forgive you for today’s matters once you make me happy.”
Roxanne frowned. She knew the person in front of her had lost all sense of rationality due to his drunkenness. Hence, she ignored him and lowered her head, wanting to walk past him.
Just as she arrived beside the drunkard, his voice rang out again. “Don’t leave, pretty babe. I’m really rich. If you agree to be with me, I promise you’ll live comfortably for the rest of your life.”
He then let out a perverted laugh, scanning Roxanne from head to toe.
This beauty has such a pretty and delicate face. And her body has all the right curves. She’s so fair that even her skin glows under the light. I bet she must be satisfying to touch!
The more he looked at her, the more excited he got. He reached out, wanting to touch her face.
Seeing his hand nearing her, Roxanne put on a cold expression, took one step backward, and kicked him in the stomach.
Since it was her first day at the research institute, she was dressed formally. Thanks to her heels, the kick was even more powerful.
The person was so drunk that he was already swaying on his feet and was rather woozy. Before he could even react, he had already been given a hard kick in his stomach. His face paled, and he clutched his stomach, staggering backward and landing heavily on the ground.

“You little b*tch! How dare you disrespect me? You should be feeling honored that I’m attracted to you. How dare you kick me?” he yelled.

After squirming on the ground for a long time, he gritted his teeth and lifted his head. His eyes were bloodshot.
Roxanne cast him a disgusted glance before making her way past him.
Suddenly, he roared into a corner, “Someone, get here! That woman attacked me! Get her into the private room now! I’d like to see how she can continue putting up that attitude with me tonight.”
Right after he finished speaking, two burly bodyguards dashed out from the corner. When they saw the drunkard in such a pathetic state, they hesitated for a moment. “Boss…”
“Don’t bother about me! Just get her!” the drunkard roared.
The bodyguards immediately walked toward Roxanne.
When she heard the sound of footsteps approaching her from behind, her heart skipped a beat, and she reached into her bag to grab a bag of powder.
If they get near me, I’ll let them have a taste of this medicine.
As she turned around with the bag in her hand, the bodyguard that was about to touch her suddenly screamed and flew past her.
In the next second, the other bodyguard disappeared from her sight in the same manner.
Roxanne was dumbfounded. It was only then that she realized there was another silhouette behind her.
She turned around and spotted a slender figure standing a few steps away from her.
Her heart sank, and she felt as if her mind was about to explode. She spun around instantly, wanting to flee from the scene.
Lucian, who wore a grim expression, was dressed in a tailored suit. His sleeves were rolled up to his forearms, and a few buttons around his collar were unbuttoned. He stood in the corridor while looking at the woman in front of him with a burning gaze.
In fact, he was in the middle of a social event. He found the air rather stuffy and decided to come out to get some fresh air.
Never did he expect to meet Roxanne out there.
It’s really her!
The longer he stared at her, the darker his gaze became. He wanted to say something before seeing the woman attempting to flee.
Frowning, he dashed forward and grabbed her wrist.
Meanwhile, Roxanne was so nervous that she could hear her heart pounding. She had no idea when he managed to catch up to her, and his grip caught her off guard. She froze on the spot, and all kinds of thoughts raced through her mind.
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