Chapter 18
The private room was empty.
Once Lucian entered the room, he shut the door right away.
At that moment, the room fell into pin-drop silence. Only the sound of their breathing could be heard.
Roxanne scanned the area. For some reason, she felt a sense of danger, and she started struggling fiercely.
“What are you trying to do? Let me go!”
In the next second, Lucian pinned her against the wall effortlessly.
Both their bodies were pressed so tightly together that Lucian’s warm breath landed on her ears.
Roxanne suddenly stopped struggling and leaned against the wall, straightening her body stiffly. Without realizing it, she even slowed down her breathing.
They were so close that her chest would touch the person before her if she breathed slightly harder.
The room fell into dead silence.

Roxanne gritted her teeth as her mind raced.

her was still as strong as before. However, their relationship had changed long ago. Roxanne clenched her fists and forced herself to calm down. We’re already divorced. Lucian and I have absolutely nothing to do with each other now. We’re people of different worlds. At that thought, Roxanne took a deep breath and said calmly, “Lucian, let me go. We can talk this out if you’ve got something to say.” Lucian was slightly stunned to hear her calm tone. After some time, he took a step back, but he did not release her. Roxanne secretly sighed with relief, and her expression became calmer. “Do

She was forced to meet his gaze.
“What did you just call me?”
Lucian’s eyes burned with rage as if they could shoot fire at any time.
Roxanne endured the pain and avoided his gaze, not uttering a single word.
Lucian was even more infuriated at her act of silence.
Mr. Farwell? That form of address sounds really distant! Well, it makes sense though. It’s been six years, after all. Hasn’t this woman always been heartless? She’s so heartless that she could even leave her daughter behind and act like a stranger. I bet no one’s more heartless than her.
“Roxanne, why are you acting like a stranger in front of me?”
Lucian gripped her chin harder.
Roxanne winced, frowning as she met his eyes with a look of resistance.
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