Chapter 22
Once the two boys were upstairs, the smile on Roxanne’s face slowly faded.
Madilyn turned off the television and inched over to ask in concern, “What’s the matter? Something on your mind?”
After a moment of hesitation, Roxanne told Madilyn a lighthearted version of what happened earlier. “I met Lucian when I was having dinner just now.”
There was no one but Madilyn who Roxanne could talk to about what happened six years ago.
Upon hearing that, Madilyn froze. Then, she whispered, “What kind of fate is tying you both together? Horington is such a big city, and I thought the chances of the two of you meeting would be close to zero if you’re not actively seeking each other out.”
Roxanne lowered her eyes, seemingly deep in her thoughts.
“So, what are you thinking about after meeting him?” Madilyn continued querying.
The corners of Roxanne’s lip turned down. “What can possibly be on my mind? My relationship with him has ended six years ago. We’re nothing but strangers now. I won’t be affected by him anymore. All I want to do for the rest of my days is to take care of Archie and Benny and have a good life with them.”
It seemed like she had thought things through.
Madilyn sighed in relief before patting her good friend’s shoulders. “That’s good. You’re an excellent woman, and there are plenty of people courting you. Take your time to make your pick. Let’s leave that douchebag in the past.”

Roxanne gave her a slight nod, not wanting to continue with the topic. She then said, “By the way, I haven’t had the chance to buy a car after coming back here. I had to get rides from my coworkers for the welcome party today, and it seems rather inconvenient. Are you free next morning to pick a car with me?”

Madilyn’s attention was shifted to the next topic, but she was confused as to why Roxanne wanted to buy a car. “Why do you want to buy a car? I have a few in the garage. Just pick one.”
Roxanne chuckled as she arched a brow. “Are you really that generous?”
After sharing a look, Madilyn wrapped her arm around Roxanne’s neck and uttered, “Of course. After all, you’re my godsons’ mother! What’s mine is yours!”
“Thank you, then,” Roxanne said to her.
The two chatted away for a while longer. When they glanced at the time again, it was already quite late. It was then Madilyn reluctantly went back to the house next door.
After Roxanne washed up, she lay on the bed. However, she could not sleep.
It took her a long while of tossing and turning before she entered the dreamlands.
In her dream, she returned to the empty room at The Waterfront.
In the room. Lucian was pinning her against the wall. He was narrowing his eyes and coming closer and closer to her.
Just as their lips were about to touch, Roxanne jolted awake, completely drenched in sweat.
After waking from that dream, she could no longer sleep.
Thus, the next morning, Roxanne had obvious dark eye circles as she sat by her children’s side at the dining table while they were having breakfast.
“Mommy, did you not sleep well last night?” Archie asked in concern as he stared at his mother’s dark circles.
Roxanne tensed up a little as she thought about that dream. A few seconds later, she flashed them a leisure smile. “Yes. I lost track of time reading documents last night.”
Her children were observant individuals, and Roxanne was afraid that they would prod her for more information. Hence, she quickly lowered her head and pretended to focus on eating breakfast.
At that, the two boys exchanged a look but asked nothing else. All they said was, “Don’t tire yourself out too much, Mommy. You have to take good care of yourself.”
Roxanne’s lips curved as she bobbed her head in agreement.
After breakfast, she brought the boys to Madilyn’s place again.
“Choose anything you like. Don’t worry about anything.” Madilyn brought them to her garage as she held onto the whole bunch of car keys in her hands.
The boys were young, but they could recognize quite an amount of luxury cars. Therefore, once they laid eyes on the cars in the garage, they applauded and cried out, “Aunt Madilyn, you’re amazing!”
After walking around the garage, Roxanne chose a mid-ranged priced Mercedes-Benz that was worth over a million.
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