Chapter 23
Lucian only took his gaze off Estella after the teacher picked her up. He then said to Cayden, “Let’s go.”
Cayden bobbed his head and drove toward Farwell Group’s office.
Once Lucian arrived at his destination, he hurriedly went to join the executive meeting.
By the time the meeting was over, more than an hour had passed.
Lucian went straight back to his office.
“Lucian, you’re back.”
Just as he stepped into the room, he was greeted by Aubree’s voice.
Hearing her made him knit his brows.
Then, he saw that Aubree, who was in a black suit, was standing in front of his office desk with a smile. It seemed like she had been waiting for a while.

“When did you come?”

Lucian strode to the other side of his desk before letting his eyes drift past the documents on the table. Finally, he landed his gaze on Aubree’s face.
Aubree sat down when she saw him sit, the smile on her face never once wavered. “Not long ago. I heard from Cayden that you were in a meeting.”
Just then, she spotted the scab by the corner of Lucian’s lips, and her heart lurched. “Did you… hurt your lips?”
A flash of displeasure danced across Lucian’s eyes at the reminder of the incident the night before, and his tone turned colder. “I accidentally bit it. There’s no need for you to freak out over
Aubree nodded with slight hesitance. She consoled herself by telling herself that there were no other women around Lucian but her for all those years. Therefore, her suspicion was just paranoia.
With that thought in mind, she finally felt a little more at ease.
“So why are you here?” Lucian asked in a flat tone.
Hearing that, Aubree recomposed herself and smiled again. “I have some work matters. The project our families were working on is only missing the last step of signing the contract. So I’ve come to ask if there are any other terms. Also, my parents were asking if they can invite you for a meal tonight. Your parents will be there too, so I was wondering if you’re free for that.”
They invited my parents too. Without a doubt, they must want to urge us to hurry up with our wedding
Lucian glanced at her before muttering icily, “Please tell your parents that I need to meet someone tonight, so I won’t be free.”
The smile on Aubree’s face froze. For a moment, she did not know how to respond to him.
Indeed, their aim for the dinner was to urge them to quicken their marriage.
It was something that should have been done a few years ago.
She finally managed to hold out until Roxanne was gone, but Lucian kept delaying the matter with work matters.
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