Chapter 24
After Lucian said those words, he looked away from Aubree’s face.
He had decided to marry Aubree back then to repay the favor her grandfather had done for them.
That was why he interacted with the Pearson family so closely. That was also why he had agreed to marry Aubree when the elders of the families suggested it.
In fact, for a while, Lucian was sure that Aubree was his first crush.
That lasted until six years ago when that woman left without saying anything. It was then he realized that the feeling he had for Aubree was not love as he initially assumed.
After that, the elders of both families kept urging him to marry her, but he had found all kinds of excuses to delay the wedding.
In those six years, he had also done everything he could to assist the Pearson family and agreed to all kinds of business requests they made to repay them for the kindness back then.

Now, it seemed like he had done more than enough to repay them for that favor back then.

At the very least, it was enough for him not to proceed with the wedding.
Aubree’s voice trembled as she looked at his expressionless face. She wanted to find out if her guesses were right.
Lucian lifted his hand to massage the bridge of his nose. Then, he cut her off, “Put down the file. I’ll look at it later. I still have work to do, so if there isn’t anything else, you can leave.”
Aubree bit her lip and stared at him for a moment. When she realized that he was not going to change his mind, her eyes slowly reddened. Still, she forced the upset and sorrow down her throat, put down the file, and left.
Aubree’s mood was grim as she exited the Farwell Group’s office.
She had been waiting for six years, but Lucian never once gave her a proper answer. Now, he was telling her that he was planning to call off the wedding.
Fortunately, Aubree was certain that there were no other women around Lucian.
In other words, she still had a chance with him.
With that thought in mind, Aubree’s grave expression lightened up a little.
Yes, I still have a chance. The wedding is only unsalvageable if I make Lucian frustrated with me. I have to stay calm.
As Aubree consoled herself, she entered the car.
“Are you heading back to the company?”
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