Chapter 14

Jasmine brought a glass of red wine to her lips and took a sip.

“You read too many chick lits. There are so many people with the same first and last names under the sun, much less a surname. Bill Gates is one of the richest men, but do you think everybody with that last name is his family?”

Jasmine smiled. ‘You have a point.”

“My husband is a white-collar worker. He drives a national car and earns six figures. Do you think the heir of the Yorks would drive that sort of car? You have a wild imagination, don’t you?”

Serenity never dreamed about becoming Cinderella. It was fine to daydream but not to the extent of being out of touch with reality.

“Come to think of it, can the head of the York family swing the other way since he doesn’t want young females approaching him? Is he married?”

Serenity was the least bit interested in the young heir’s appearance. Nevertheless, it was questionable that he shunned away from young women. Either he was chaste, or he had a problem in that department. He might play for the other team for all she knew.

the news of him getting hitched. Although we’re not in that circle, news of his marriage would rock Wiltspoon since he’s the head of the York household. The papers and media

“Now that you’ve said it. I think something’s up with

going on in the minds of the wealthy. Eat up. We should leave after

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“Come, Shawn. Sit.”

pulled a chair over for her cousin

Shawn, the latter blushed and raised his glass at her. He asked with

“I rarely do.”

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