Chapter 13

Zachary was the center of attention as he walked into the room, completely oblivious to his new bride in a corner. Serenity’s gaze could not get past the crowd and onto her man’s face.

After failing to catch a glimpse of the leading man despite standing on her toes to look for a long time, Serenity soon lost interest and sat back down. She tugged on her best friend and said, “I won’t bother. There are too many people around to get a good look. Let’s eat.”

To Serenity, the mission tonight was to pig out!

“Wait for me here, Seren. I’ll ask my aunt who came. All that commotion is as if the king has graced us with his presence.”

The curiosity was eating Jasmine up inside.

“Sure,” Serenity casually replied.

Jasmine went off on her own.

up. While everybody was fussing over the VIP, Serenity could grab the

their game faces on, kept their eyes and ears peeled for anything and everything.

primary task when attending events with Mr. Zachary was to be on the lookout for those

was able to look far and

his identity when he married Serenity. However, as Zachary’s bodyguards, they recognized the missus of the house. Hence, Zachary’s bodyguards, aside from the old Mrs., were familiar

were fooling him, the said bodyguard was fixated on the

food. It did not take long before her plates were filled to the brim. Carrying two plates of food, Serenity walked away and sat down at

in the food

words with a few well-acquainted CEOs, the bodyguard seized the opportunity to walk up

off the scowl and

“No clue.”

eye on her. Don’t let her see me. Also, snap some pictures of who

motive. He suspected Serenity: was here to climb higher on

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