Chapter 7

Zachary got into the Rolls Royce and instructed in a husky voice, “Don’t forget to bring around the national car I bought.”

It was a façade to fool his wife. What was his wife called again?

“Oh, right. What’s the name of the missus again?”

Zachary could not be bothered to dig out the marriage license. Oh, it was likely Nana did not return it to him after he showed her. Anyhow, the marriage license was not with him.

The bodyguard replied, “… The young missus is Serenity Hunt. She’s twenty-five this year. You might want to remember that.”

Mr. Zachary had an exceptional memory, but when it came to people who he was not fond of, he jammed them out.

This was especially true with women. He probably would not know the lady’s name even if they met every day.

“Sure. Got it.”

Zachary responded offhandedly.

Judging by Zachary’s tone, the bodyguard knew he would not be bothered to learn the young missus’ name.

Refusing to waste more brain cells on Serenity, Zachary slumped against the seat and rested his eyes.

The journey from Wiltspoon Hotel to Brynfield took ten minutes.

With the luxury sedan convoy stopping at the neighborhood gate, Zachary proceeded to drive the national MPV into the neighborhood.

Although he could not remember his bride’s name, Zachary was not going to forget about the property he bought.

Soon, he arrived at the entrance to his home and took notice of a pair of familiar slippers at the door. They seemed to be his.

were they

must be

in his chiseled face. He was grateful to the girl for saving Nana at first, but all that good impression

Serenity was

in to Nana to marry Serenity in the end, Zachary drew the line there. He planned to keep his identity hidden after marriage to be the judge

she was a scheming woman, then she should get

came to those who played games with Zachary.

door, but his attempt was futile. He


and yet

lifted his foot and kicked the door.

also trying to get Serenity

of the earlier incident, Zachary saved Serenity’s contact and added the spousal title for a reminder. He would be d*mned if he could remember who Serenity was for once instead of deleting

startled awake by the kick on the

the middle of the night? How was she supposed to sleep?

mention now that she was woken up by the noise. Throwing off the covers, Serenity stormed out in her

room, she had no idea that Zachary

knocking on

at the person’s face. Serenity stared at Zachary’s face for a while before getting ahold of herself and putting

on an all-time high as she did not pick up his call.

her and entered the house with a sour face.

tongue out behind

of marrying

head out the door to look. It was a

the slippers by the door, Serenity bent over to put them back inside the house before

at midnight. I thought you wouldn’t be coming back since you weren’t home by then.

Serenity explained.

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