Chapter 8

Zachary was careful to watch his weight, refusing to let himself go and become overweight.

It was hard to shed the pounds.

Serenity smiled. “You’re fit, Mr. York.

“So… I guess I’ll go back to bed?”

“Sure,” Zachary replied.


Serenity wished him goodnight before turning on her heel to leave.

“Hang on, Se… Serenity.”

Zachary called after her.

Pausing, Serenity turned her head around and asked, “Yes?”

Zachary looked at her and said, “Please don’t walk around in your pajamas next time.”

She was not wearing a bra underneath her pajamas. Unfortunately, his eagle eyes picked up on that.

They were husband and wife anyway, but what if someone else caught her in her pajamas?

The last thing he wanted was for other men to see through his wife’s body.

Red in the face, Serenity bolted back to her room and slammed the door shut.

Zachary, “…”

She was embarrassed before he could feel awkward for her.

Zachary took a moment to sit before heading to the master bedroom. He bought the furnished house at the last minute. It was move-in ready.

Nevertheless, his bedroom had not been sorted out due to the rush.

was quite impressed that Serenity knew how to take a hint instead of brazenly demanding

obligations was

wee hours of the morning went

next day, Serenity woke up at six

and tidy up the place after she got up. If time permitted, she would

trying to lighten

the night in. As memories flooded back into her mind, Serenity murmured, “I must be half-asleep to think I’m

laid back down to

was a shame that she could not adjust her body clock though. Serenity could not sleep in even if she tried.

up since her

of clothes and a wash-up, Serenity walked out of her room and took a glance at Zachary’s bedroom door. By the looks of the closed door, he must still be sleeping.

get up at this hour since

empty room. A brief silence later, she turned around and made her

kitchenware yesterday, but

them in a store rather

remembered seeing

to get breakfast

what Zachary fancied eating.

could wake him up and ask, so she bought

omelet, bacon, sausages, pancakes, and toast – the favorites of ordinary people in Wiltspoon.

the night before. No sooner had Serenity gone out to get breakfast than he

once again forgot about Serenity’s existence and walked out bare-chested to get a glass of water. At that point in time, Serenity swung open the door to enter the house and their

arms against his chest and

at first, Serenity soon burst into laughter.

than abs. I can’t believe he put

a suit. He did not look

forgetting that a strange woman was in his living space now. The strange woman was also his wife

long as he remained upstairs, the maids would not enter

and the scheming girl saw his bare chest.

York, I got breakfast. Come and

Serenity did not forget the agenda at hand. She placed the breakfast variety on the dining table and called the man,

heading over. He glanced at the breakfast and callously asked, “Don’t

I’m a good

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