Chapter 35 The ever-friendly Rowan had a blast chatting with Serenity

After witnessing Serenity working Zachary like a mule, the boy was on Team Serenity now. Rowan believed he could hide behind Serenity for anything!

Liberty and Hank, together with their son, Sonny, arrived a little later than the Yorks.

Since Serenity’s husband knew the car owner whose luxury sedan was scratched by Liberty, the damages only came to nine thousand bucks. Hank did not dare to make light of his new brother-in-law.

Hank did not take the meeting seriously at first but had since adopted a different attitude. After meeting with Zachary, Hank was in awe of his brother-in-law as Zachary commanded the room with his revered presence, more so than his boss could.

Mr. York.”

All smiles, Hank extended his right hand to Zachary,“ Hello, I’m Serenity’s brother-in-law.” | Zachary shook hands with Hank and faintly uttered,“ Hello, Hank.”

He then extended his greetings to Liberty.

rather imposing in the photograph and aloof in person, Liberty was pleased with Serenity’s husband. “Sonny,

son to address Zachary. Sonny was an adorable little guy and had his mother’s dark and bright eyes. It was hard not to be drawn to

to ask, “Can I

answered in delight,

handed her son to Serenity, so Serenity passed the

Liberty’s thoughtful action as

boy from Serenity to avoid more

husband and wife, Zachary and Serenity were not bound by the

Zachary carried Sonny upstairs.

vocabulary, the little man learned the new word right away. Kids, including Rowan, were afraid of and stayed away from Zachary. Hence why Rowan was so eager for Serenity to take

did not scare Sonny. Settling in Zachary’s arms, Sonny called him Uncle. The

the sisters lost their parents young and got through life and college with their parents’ insurance ,

of professionals before marriage. She could tell the Yorks

make something of themselves in the city. Since then, the family moved to the city, but the old lady would have long trips back

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