Chapter 12

The dinner party was held at Wiltspoon Hotel, a place Serenity never had a chance to step into.

The Wiltspoon Hotel was one of the finest hotels in the city. Some said it was a seven-star hotel, but Serenity had no idea if that was true because it was not news she would follow.

Jasmine’s aunt arrived at the hotel before the girls and exchanged greetings with her friends. The aunt then told her children to enter the hotel while she stayed at the door to wait for Jasmine and Serenity to arrive.

As the car she arranged cruised over behind other cars, the aunt curled her lips to smile.

A few minutes later, Jasmine, with Serenity in tow, approached the aunt.

“Aunt Rachel.”

“Mrs. Lowe.”

Serenity and her best friend said hello to Rachel.

Rachel was not entirely okay with Jasmine bringing Serenity along as she had met the girl before. Rachel had to admit that the girl, who lost her parents at a young age, was better looking than her niece. Despite coming from a middle-class family, Serenity carried herself with natural grace and class.

The aunt was initially worried Serenity might overshadow her niece, but since Jasmine’s mom mentioned Serenity was married, Rachel was relieved.

Seeing that Serenity ditched the evening dress for common clothes, opted for light makeup, and forewent the jewelry, Rachel was glad that her glamorous niece outshone Serenity’s natural beauty. At least, Serenity was sensible and knew her place.

“Come with me. I’ll take you in. Jasmine, take out your invite. The security will check it for registration.”

Jasmine immediately pulled out her invitation.

“Mind yourselves when you get in. Try to talk less but observe more. If the time is right, I’ll introduce you around. Seren, I can trust you more than I do Jasmine. Watch Jasmine so she stays out of trouble. The Wiltspoon Hotel is one of the hotels the richest family owns. The family’s heirs might be here tonight.”

the heirs. The family tends to keep a low profile and adopts healthy family values. You don’t hear much of a

the age to marry yet. Otherwise, I would’ve saved the chance

with her daughter than with

was only seventeen and not at the legal

up the social ladder by

here for

next to them, listening without butting

anyway. Her eyes were set on the

last name of the richest family?”

Jasmine was not a daydreamer, it did not stop her from


isn’t that peculiar?” Jasmine nudged her best friend

was York, Zachary had no relation to the richest family except for

they’re not snobs. The family will accept whoever their boys pick so long as

had no qualms about pushing her niece to

niece was good-looking and nice. Jasmine’s family was also well-off, and although nowhere near the wealthiest family, the Soxes prevailed

Rachel helplessly uttered, “You two should head in. I just saw a friend. I’m going there to say hello.”

we’ll go in then.”

dragged Serenity to get away from Aunt Rachel’s nagging. Aunt Rachel was exactly like her mom. It was no wonder Aunt Rachel got along with

while Jasmine had been here a few times. Leading her best friend, Jasmine nimbly grabbed two plates of food

ourselves. Let’s dig in, Seren. We’re here to

you if she finds

came for

snag one of the eligible bachelors here tonight? My aunt is

Miss World to you? Would the heirs think I’m a catch? Heh. Only my aunt would think that. Let’s not bother. Come on. Dig in. The Wiltspoon Hotel’s known for its gourmet food. I had been to the hotel restaurant in the past, but I couldn’t bring myself to order some of

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