Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted

Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted By Eleven Jewell Chapter 35

Chapter 35

The stoic–looking man dressed in a suit pushed his way into the bar, looking out of place compared to the rest of the guests in the tavern. His outfit seemed more likely to appear in high–end places where gentries gather, rather than their bar. But, of course, who would know what the rich were thinking. Maybe they just wanted to have a little taste of the city–style tavern.

The bartender put on his classic smile and greeted, “Welcome to…”

Stella tapped her glass with dissatisfaction, as she said, “Who are you welcoming? You haven’t poured me my glass of wine! Hurry up!”

The bartender had no choice but to patiently coax the alcoholic. “Miss, there is no wine anymore. We are closing soon.”

“Liar! Why don’t I have wine when the rest do?”

The alcoholic was not easy to fool, and the bartender had an idea when he saw the owner of the Bugatti coming over. “We are really out of wine. This gentleman over here had bought all the wine. Why don’t you come back tomorrow?”

She propped herself up on the table and staggered to get on her feet. She grabbed the person’s

appearance was disheveled, and she reeked of alcohol. There was no semblance of her usual self.

wine?” Stella took it seriously when the bartender stonewalled her. She grabbed onto Keegan and looked as though she was going to argue with him. “I was here before you. Who gave you the right to buy all the wine? Don’t you know first come first

in his mouth. Afraid that Keegan would get angry, he hurriedly explained, “Sir, please

her head, glaring at him. “You money–grubber. Did you sell

the man, seeing that she had already pulled the man’s

shook her index

of Stella’s laughter came. “I–I can’t drink for free. I have to pay

She opened it and looked everywhere, but she could not find any

it to you for

particularly stubborn on this.

from her bag, pinched it with her fingers, and laughed, “I didn’t bring any cash, but you can take

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