Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted

Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted By Eleven Jewell Chapter 34

Chapter 34

“Sir, I brought you a cup of earl grey tea.”

Keegan took off his glasses, rubbed his eyes really hard, and said tiredly, “Thank you. Just leave it there.”

The nanny set down the tea and left. Keegan took a sip of it and narrowed his brows. It tasted different from the past and was too sour to drink. He stopped drinking and set the tea aside. Just as he wanted to take his book, his phone beside him rang. He glanced and ignored the phone call as it was an unidentified number. After the ringtone was cut off, he only answered the call when it rang once more.

come and pick up

hung off. After a moment, the phone call rang

number. She told us this number. Mr. Tard, is your wife currently at home? How

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shook the empty glass, and lisped, “Who drank all my wine?” The bartender handed her a

a displeased face. “You fooled me with water? Are you scared that I can’t pay for the alcohol? Let me tell you something, my husband is freaking rich! He could buy every bar in Rivera for

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