Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted

Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted By Eleven Jewell Chapter 20

Chapter 20

Everyone looked at him. Keegan only managed to stop coughing after a long time. He looked unhappy.

No one dared to speak. They thought Keegan was unsatisfied with the statement made just now. Keegan turned his head and softly said something to Aldor with a gloomy face. He then turned back and coldly said, “Go on.”

Everyone was relieved. Aldor then quietly left the conference room.

In the lobby downstairs, Stella was sitting on the couch listlessly going through the magazine on the table. Someone hurriedly approached her from behind, and Aldor’s voice could then be heard. “Mrs. Kane, why didn’t you give me a call before you came?”

The receptionist who led the way was so shocked that his pupils dilated!

‘She’s really the wife of Mr. Kane! Why did Mr. Kane say that he didn’t know her?! No. None of these matters. The problem is that I took those kinds of pictures of Mrs. Kane just now!‘

His face turned ashen. He suddenly felt like all the top five hundred companies would no longer hire him.‘ What kind of game were they playing?‘

Stella put down the magazine. “I called you. But it looks like you were very busy, and you didn’t hear my phone call.”

him. But Keegan ordered him not to pick up her call. So, he could only

said, “I’m so sorry. I was in a meeting just now. My phone was in my office. This is on me

believed him if I didn’t hear Keegan

‘They’re both terrible people!’

Aldor asked, “Mrs. Kane, why did you come to

lifted up the bag she was holding, “I have something that I need Keegan to help


said, “Is

that she wanted to give him. But she still wanted to divorce Keegan. And she had to tell him that personally. So, she said, “I still have something that I want to

“Mr. Kane still hasn’t had his

Stella was confused.

does this have to do with

eyes. He then said, “Mr. Kane would be in a bad mood

Stella was speechless.

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