Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted

Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted By Eleven Jewell Chapter 21

Chapter 21

It was clear to Stella that Aldor was telling her that Keegan had not eaten yet and that him not in the

mood to discuss anything was just another way to get back at her. It had been more than a year since she last cooked for him.

When Stella first married into the Kane family, she was infatuated with Keegan. She had not gotten into voice acting back then, so she spent all her time following him around. Stella used to believe in the saying, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach,” and she practiced her culinary skills hard just to get Keegan’s attention. However, she did not have any talent for cooking. Her dishes were barely edible even after a month of practice.

But, even so, she enthusiastically made lunch boxes for Keegan to bring to work, and she still remembered what Keegan said when he first tasted her most satisfied creation-“This is horrible.” Despite his words, Stella did not give up. She made another lunch box the next day and gave it to him when he was at work. “I guarantee it’ll taste delicious this time,” she cheekily said, but Keegan did not bother to respond.

all day as to what he would think of her food. When Keegan returned home that night, she eagerly asked him, “Well? How

replied. However, Stella saw that his lunch box was empty, so she was happy. She worked harder to cook lunch for him, and Keegan returned

the trash. She then realized that their love was one–sided and that Keegan did not expose that fact because he wanted to save both their faces. From that day onward, Stella never

Stella tried to come up with an excuse and said, “Oh, that’ll make things difficult. He’ll be off from work when I get back with the food. Where can I find him, then?” But, Aldor was prepared. “There’s a private kitchen in the cafeteria with all

were waiting for me to take the bait,‘

Aldor arrived at the private kitchen. ‘This place is much bigger than I thought. It’s so tidy, and there are so many ingredients to

to discuss the divorce. So much so that she could not focus on cooking, nor did she know what to cook. She stared at the ingredients for a long

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