Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted

Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted By Eleven Jewell Chapter 17

Chapter 17

“Divorce? What happened?”

Marshall was a little curious.

When Keegan got married, Marshall was having medical treatment. So, he did not come back to attend his wedding. He spent most of his time overseas for the past years. He did not meet Keegan’s wife, not even once. But, he heard Vermont and other people mentioned her. They said she was good–looking and well–behaved but dull.

At that time, those immoral people even made a bet in the group that Keegan and his wife would divorce in less than three months. Months and months passed by. They had already been married for more than three years in the blink of an eye.

Marshall thought their relationship was stable. He did not expect to hear that they wanted to get a divorce when he had just got back. And, from the way Vermont said it, he noticed that the one who wanted a divorce was Keegan’s wife. So, he got even more curious.

When Vermont brought that up, he did not feel the pain from his wound anymore. He excitedly said, “I’ll tell you what happened. Two days ago, Keegan and I ran into his wife. He thought she was following him. But she didn’t even bother him. She left after scolding Keegan. Yet, he insisted that they were just


Keegan’s face darkened. “Just keep your mouth shut!”

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Keegan asked, “What lady?”

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angelic indeed. She was a little hasty.

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