Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted

Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted By Eleven Jewell Chapter 16

Chapter 16

“What’s wrong with you?”

Marshall had been smiling since he entered the ward. Marshall and Vermont had been friends for many years. And Marshall had always looked composed since he was young. This was the first time he looked so silly that it scared Vermont.

Marshall leaned back in the chair next to the table. The corners of his lips lifted as he said, “I met a girl on the terrace just now.”


“She thought I was secretly taking photos of her. Then, she took my phone and scolded me.”

Vermont squinted and asked, “Why do I feel like you’re quite happy about it? Are you interested in her?”

Marshall smiled but remained silent.

Vermont could not help but feel curious.

was comparatively less capable. The Moore family and the Kane family were equally strong in Rivera. Both Marshall and Keegan were the only

had come to their senses. They did not push him as hard as they did before. They allowed

many things. But, he shunned girls. There were no scandals attached to him. It made Vermont

heard that Marshall was interested in a woman, he could not

woman you’re talking about,

what Stella

the place was poorly lit, I could still see that her skin was soft. She was very charming and gorgeous. She looked

looked even more interesting

“Very pretty.”

Did you get

didn’t have the time to get it.” Marshall was disappointed. “It seemed like her family

speechless. “You just

the call was connected, he could hear Keegan

used to it. “Yeah, I’m

nonsense. Come out,

came out from the Rotona Pinnacle Hospital, Keegan’s car was parked across the road.

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