Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted

Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted By Eleven Jewell Chapter 10

Chapter 10

else, then something happens?” ‘Earlier on, I was surprised at how Dahlia was worried about my health. Turns out, she was just worried that I wasn’t aware of my pregnancy and wouldn’t be able to keep the Kane family’s child,’ Stella thought. Stella smiled slightly. “Alright.” Dahlia stopped talking to her. The family of three would occasionally speak to each other, making Stella feel as if she was an outsider who had invaded their family luncheon. Suddenly, there was a piece of pork ribs on her plate. Stella turned to Keegan. However, he did not look at her and merely indifferently said, “Take whatever you want yourself.” ‘No, I’m not an outsider. I’m just a temporary actor at this family luncheon. Keegan and I are just exchanging favors,’ thought Stella. At this thought, she promptly felt rebellious. ‘You want me to put on a show? Fine, I’ll put on a show!’ she thought again. Then, Stella picked up a piece of spicy chicken and took it to Keegan’s lips. “Babe, try this.” Keegan froze and gave her a weird look. However, Stella smiled with her eyes and had an affectionate expression. ‘Keegan doesn’t like to eat spicy food. I picked something spicy on purpose. Let’s see how he’ll continue to put on a show! If he rejects me, he’ll ruin the show. Then, he won’t be able to put the blame on me,’ Stella thought smugly. While she was deep in thought, Keegan suddenly leaned over. He opened his mouth and bit the chicken slice. Keegan’s lips suggestively slid across the tip of her fork before finally taking in the chicken slice. Then, he said to Stella’s dumbfounded expression, “Not bad.” Stella was speechless. ‘You dog! Die of spiciness!’ she thought. Dahlia glanced at the two. Then, she lowered her gaze thoughtfully. A few glasses of wine later, Keegan’s phone rang. Dahlia waited until Keegan went out to answer his phone before setting down her cutlery. She asked Stella, “Stella, how long has your stomach been feeling unwell? Did you puke?” ‘Don’t tell me she thinks I’m pregnant,’ thought Stella. She could only explain, “I’m not pregnant. I just had my period last week.” However, Dahlia did not seem to buy it. She continued, “Did you take the medicine I gave you previously on time?”  Hearing about the medicines made Stella’s stomach churn abruptly. Dahlia had been very persistent about Stella’s pregnancy. For some reason, she thought Stella must be the reason the two could not bear a child. Over the years, she had been seeking doctors and medicines and making Stella take a “fertility drink”. ‘Keegan’s sexually frigid, and I can count the number of times I see him in a year with a single hand. I’m not a stick insect; I can’t produce asexually. If

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