Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted

Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted By Eleven Jewell Chapter 12

Chapter 12

one who feeds you, clothes you, and houses you. After we divorce, you can’t live a comfortable life like this anymore. Can you adapt to it? Even staying alive would be a problem for you!” Stella’s fingers trembled. Whenever she thought she would not care about what Keegan said anymore, he would hurt her with harsh words again. And, it made her realize that she was a total failure in his eyes. Keegan noticed that she did not speak even after a long pause. He toned down his harsh language as he coldly said, “I’ll act as if nothing had happened if you apologize. You can continue to be my wife. I’ll give you whatever you want…” “Mr. Kane, you’re so kind.” Before Keegan could finish talking, Stella sneered as she interrupted him. “Should I weep bitterly and thank you?” Keegan frowned, “I’m giving you a chance here. Stop this insulting behavior immediately!” “Thank you, Mr. Kane, for being so forgiving and giving me this chance. But, I’m too lowly and not worthy to accept it. You should give this opportunity to someone else who needs it.” Keegan’s anger spiked. “Stella! I’ve been spoiling you again and again. Enough is enough. Don’t push your luck!” “I’m a person who likes to push my luck. Keegan, why don’t we make a bet?” Stella raised her eyes to stare into his eyes. She looked unprecedentedly calm. “Let’s see if I have the ability to survive after we get a divorce.” “Sure.” Keegan laughed sardonically. “I’d like to see how you suffer without me! Aldor, stop the car!” Aldor’s hands trembled. He immediately pulled over. “Get out!” Keegan’s voice was cold and ruthless. Stella looked at the windy, lifeless, and empty road. Her heart sank.  The atmosphere was suddenly tense. Aldor quietly advised, “Mr. Kane, it’s hard to get a cab here. Let’s go to the city before you ask her to get off the car again.” Keegan sneered, “She wanted me to see that she could survive without me. I’m allowing her to do that! She doesn’t deserve to talk with me about her capability if she can’t even walk along this road!” Stella’s self-esteem was ruined unprecedentedly in a terrible manner. Nothing was more humiliating than being looked down upon by someone you liked. She did not speak again. She unfasten the seatbelt and opened the door. She turned around to look at Keegan before she got off the car. “When are we getting the paperwork done?” Keegan’s eyes glowed with anger as he stared at her. After a few seconds, he coldly said, “Tomorrow at three o’clock in the afternoon.” “See you at the Civil Affairs Bureau tomorrow at three o’clock in the afternoon, then.” Stella got out of the car after she said that. She strode forward along the trees. She did not look back, nor did she beg him. She was determined in every step she walked. Keegan clenched his fingers slowly with a sullen face. “Drive.” Aldor thoughtfully tried to convince his boss. “Mr. Kane, they’re still upgrading this area. The closed-circuit television along this road is inadequate. It’s very dangerous for Mrs. Kane to be alone. Why don’t we…” Keegan interrupted him. His voice was exceptionally cold, “Drive! Don’t make me ask again!” Aldor could only stop talking. Stella walked about a hundred meters. Then, she heard the car’s engine being started behind her. A loud noise could be heard after that. It seemed like something smashed the ground. Keegan’s car then passed by her. It speedily disappeared from sight. She turned around to have a look. The bag that was given by Keegan to her in the car was thrown on the road together with the box. The bag fell out of the box and bounced off very far away from it. She stopped moving for a moment. Then, she continued walking forward. But, she clenched her teeth as she stepped back before she walked more than ten meters. ‘It’s a three-million-dollar bag. How could he just throw it away like that?! ‘Is Keegan out of his mind?’ She picked up the bag and looked at

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