Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted

Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted By Eleven Jewell Chapter 12

Chapter 12

so forgiving and giving me this chance. But, I’m too lowly and not worthy to accept it. You should give this opportunity to someone else who needs it.” Keegan’s anger spiked. “Stella! I’ve been spoiling you again and again. Enough is enough. Don’t push your luck!” “I’m a person who likes to push my luck. Keegan, why don’t we make a bet?” Stella raised her eyes to stare into his eyes. She looked unprecedentedly calm. “Let’s see if I have the ability to survive after we get a divorce.” “Sure.” Keegan laughed sardonically. “I’d like to see how you suffer without me! Aldor, stop the car!” Aldor’s hands trembled. He immediately pulled over. “Get out!” Keegan’s voice was cold and ruthless. Stella looked at the windy, lifeless, and empty road. Her heart sank.  The atmosphere was suddenly tense. Aldor quietly advised, “Mr. Kane, it’s hard to get a cab here. Let’s go to the city before you ask her to get off the car again.” Keegan sneered, “She wanted me to see that she could survive without me. I’m allowing her to do that! She doesn’t deserve to talk with me about her capability if she can’t even walk along this road!” Stella’s self-esteem was ruined unprecedentedly in a terrible manner. Nothing was more humiliating than being looked down upon by someone you liked. She did not speak again. She unfasten the seatbelt and opened the door. She turned around to look at Keegan before she got off the car. “When are we getting the paperwork done?” Keegan’s eyes glowed with anger as he stared at her. After a few seconds, he coldly said, “Tomorrow at three o’clock in the afternoon.” “See

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