Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted

Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted By Eleven Jewell Chapter 13

Chapter 13

to get his assets!” “It doesn’t matter how the assets get divided.” Stella lowered her eyes. “I don’t care about it anymore.” The words that Keegan had said today and how he just left her by the road completely made her think realistically. Now, she just wanted to quickly divorce him and end this relationship completely. Felicity did not know how to comfort her. She just hugged her tightly and said, “I know a lot of rich, handsome men. I’ll pick the best one for you and infuriate that jerk, Keegan!” Stella laughed, “First, I want to make money. After that, I’ll go and pick someone that I like. I don’t want to be the one who’s being chosen anymore.” The next morning, Stella woke up very late. She felt a little drowsy when she got up in the morning. It might be because she was caught in the rain yesterday. She only remembered that today was the day she was getting divorced after staring in the mirror for a long time. She then started to get dressed up. She was very rushed when she got her marriage license with Keegan in the past.  She remembered it was a week before she graduate from her oral examination. She stayed up all night to edit her thesis. She only went to bed in the morning. After sleeping for only two hours, Keegan’s phone call woke her up. Before that day, Keegan only met her three times. His phone call caught her off guard. She was not prepared for it. Her roommate who was half-asleep complained about the phone call. She then ran to the washroom to answer it. “Are you free?” In fact, Keegan’s voice was extremely cold. However, at that time, Stella was obsessed with him. So, she felt that his voice was very beautiful. She then whispered, “I’m free.” “I’ll come and pick you up.” Her heartbeat was pounding very fast. She stuttered, “W-Where are we going?” It seemed like Keegan was driving. She heard the engine sounds. Then, he said, “To get the marriage license.” She was actually lightheaded that whole day. She obediently wore a white blouse as he said that. She did not even put on makeup when she followed him to get the marriage license. That was because she was afraid that he would back out while he was waiting for her. They just casually went to get their marriage license. Their photo was lackadaisically taken too. Keegan did not even smile on the marriage certificate. Only Stella was happy like a fool. ‘We casually started our marriage. But, I can’t just unconcernedly end it.’ She pursed her lips in front of the mirror. The vermilion color on her lips made her look dazzling. ‘Getting divorced properly can help put a full stop to this relationship that didn’t work out.’ At two-thirty in the afternoon, Stella was on her way to the Civil Affairs Bureau. But, suddenly, she received a call from the Rotona Pinnacle Hospital saying that her mother had a cardiac arrest! She was extremely worried. She immediately turned around and went to the hospital. Her mother was still being rescued in the emergency room when she arrived at the hospital. The medical staff handed her a critically ill notice. Her hand trembled as she signed it. She had signed many critically ill letters over the past years. Every time she signed it, she was like a person who was drowning; she could not breathe. She did not know when would be the last time that she would sign it. After she signed the notice, she felt faint. She only thought about calling Albert after a long while. “Dad, mom

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