Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted

Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted By Eleven Jewell Chapter 4

Chapter 4

dedication were just jokes to be scoffed at in his eyes. Maybe when she meticulously prepared his outfits for different occasions, he stood behind her while looking at her with a gaze of contempt. ‘What could a woman who would only eat three meals every day and only put the effort in everyday expenses be able to bring to the table?’ Stella thought to herself. Even she felt that she was being belittled. “M-Mr. Kane, are you still going to wear this piece?” Maya asked warily. It was not uncommon for her to see the two of them in a fight in the past. However, this time, it was particularly severe. She had never seen Keegan having such a tantrum that he even spoke so harshly. Keegan sullenly scanned through the wardrobe. Inside Stella’s wardrobe, there were mostly Stella’s clothes. ‘Even when she wants to divorce, she can’t even do it properly. Is this what a divorce looks like?’ Keegan thought. He then coldly tugged at the corner of his lips and casually said, “Just get the set that she said.” Once he said that, his phone rang. He took out his phone and turned around to walk while he answered the phone. “Mr. Kane, something happened to Ms. Young.” The number of victims increased to 11 people for the massive pile-up incident at the overpass, and the other nine people were missing. More than 60 people had different degrees of injuries. It was one of the rarest and largest traffic accidents Rivera had ever seen in twenty years. The accident occurred more than 24 hours ago. The recovery operation of Silk River was still ongoing. The citizens of the whole nation followed this incident attentively and prayed that there were still survivors. However, Bella’s fans were fighting tooth and nail with anonymous users online. The reason was that someone had posted a video about the site of the incident. Bella came out of the vehicle with all her limbs intact and was carried by people onto the first aid stretcher. Yet, on the scene, there were still many people covered in blood and still did not get any effective aid. This type of comparison was too obvious. A portion of the netizens voiced their suspicions. “Why were the people with minor injuries getting aid first compared to the ones that were severely injured? Is this an abuse of celebrity privilege?” Bella’s fans were immediately unhappy with them. They directly branded the skeptics as haters and then reported and complained. They spammed comments to the point of causing repulsion among anonymous netizens. This sparked a harsh counterattack from the anonymous netizens.  A detailed analysis was done on the investigation of the story behind the traffic accident; The “grand actions” of Bella’s team, the use of the incident to sensationalize a romance on purpose, the indulgence of the fans for spamming under the official mourning page to take advantage of the misfortune, and the abuse of privileges at the rescue scene. Some even dug out that before Bella became famous, she was suspected of being someone’s mistress… The degree of intensity caused it to directly arrive at the top of the trending searches. Felicity gave a cold chuckle and said to Stella, “Didn’t she like to hype stuff up? This time she hyped up to the point of bringing her house down!” Stella stared at the screen and muttered, “Why do I feel like the account that disclosed this seems so familiar?” Felicity’s body froze. “There are many people who use this profile picture. It’s not odd that it looks familiar.” As she said that, she switched the subject. “What’s your plan for today?” Stella lifted her head. “I’ll first go to Neon Nebula for the voice acting audition. Then, I’m going to get a car. Want to come with?” “I will be out in the field today, so it wouldn’t be convenient,” Felicity said, glancing at the time. “It’s almost time. I need to go. We’ll talk after work.” After Felicity left, Stella freshened up and then went out. Neon Nebula was a gaming company. They were on a fierce rise these few years. “Honor of the Deities” was a mobile game that they planned to launch this year in the summer. The voiceover for other characters was already done earlier. Only the voiceover for Vixen was left and had not been finalized. The director wanted a type of voice that was able to switch between pure yet not delicate and sultry yet not lustful. However, after trying out all the voice actors, they were more or less lacking. The director posted on his social media, “A vixen is

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