Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted

Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted By Eleven Jewell Chapter 3

Chapter 3

innocent lady? You should tear open her mask for everyone to see! What innocent woman bullshit. She’s just a homewrecker!” “What then? Let everyone know my marriage is in shambles, and I am a pitiful bug who can’t even control my own husband?” Stella sighed, “This marriage is already a big failure. I don’t want to make it so humiliating when I leave to the point that there wasn’t even the slightest decency left in the end.” “Then, wouldn’t this make it too easy for them!” Seeing Felicity’s worried face, Stella smiled and comforted her, “Actually, it’s fine. In the few years of our marriage, Keegan was not really treating me badly. Or else, I wouldn’t have had the chance to have these pieces of jewelry and handbags. Just thinking about how I wouldn’t be able to wear them in the future still makes me a little reluctant.” Felicity disagreed. In the past, Stella had gotten first place in cultural studies and acting class, which allowed her to enroll in the theater department of Trinity Film Academy. She was pretty, had great acting skills, and scored first place in her specialty. Those days, she had literally conquered everything. All the tutors felt that her future was limitless. ‘If it wasn’t for her getting married after graduation and not pursuing an acting career due to the Kane family, she would have become a famous actress, and jewelry and bags would be nothing to her.’ Felicity thought. “Then, what do you plan to do after this?” “I’ll first rest for a few days and arrange my accommodation properly. Then, I’ll discuss the voice acting for ‘Honor of the Deities’.” “Have you ever considered changing from behind the scenes to the forefront?” said Felicity. Stella was stunned for a bit. “I haven’t faced a camera lens in three years. I don’t know if I’m still capable or not.”  “Just because you haven’t been facing a camera, doesn’t mean you have thrown away your skills. You have acquired close to ten million fans just by doing voice-acting! Voice-actors need to portray emotions. Nowadays, some actors can’t even pass the basics for doing their lines, yet they are still famous. You have the looks and the acting skills. What is there to be afraid of? Supporting yourself would still be a breeze even if you don’t get very famous.” ‘That’s true. Even if the path as an actress doesn’t work out, based on my popularity in the current voice-acting field, it would be enough for me to live comfortably. This allows me to be versatile, so it wouldn’t hurt to try it,’ Stella thought. On top of that, Stella really liked to perform. Giving up her interest for marriage was the stupidest decision she made in her life. Thankfully, it was still not too late to change. Both of them talked until the middle of the night. Felicity yawned repeatedly after

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