Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted

Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted By Eleven Jewell Chapter 6

Chapter 6

incoming caller ID and subconsciously frowned. Then, she took her time before accepting the call. “Hey, dad.” “Where are you?” Stella could not tell what Albert wanted, so she lied, “I’m at a private lesson. What’s wrong?” “Nothing. Come over with Keegan once your lesson is over. My friend gave me some white truffles. Doesn’t your mother-in-law like truffles a lot? You two should come over and take some.” ‘I’ve lived for 26 years, and I dare say that Albert Jewell doesn’t even know what I like. Yet, he knows what my mother-in-law likes. How ironic is that?’ Stella thought. “Alright.” Albert felt relieved after hearing Stella agree. He asked her a few perfunctory questions and hung up. Stella went to the automobile service center and retrieved her Porsche Cayenne. The car was a part of the marriage dowry the Jewell family gave her, costing nearly a million. After changing its bumper, one could not tell how seriously damaged it was before. ‘Looking back, I still feel upset. Once I get a divorce, I’ll probably only get this car,’ she thought. Stella could not help but feel regretful at that thought. ‘I should’ve driven Keegan’s Bugatti that day. If I can’t stab him in the chest, I’ll stab him in the wallet!’ she thought again. Stella purposefully called her tutor and booked a last-minute private lesson to make her lie seem more realistic. Stella dawdled until six in the evening before she finally drove to the Jewell residence. Once she arrived at the door, she composed herself and rang the doorbell. Sophia opened the door. She was the adopted daughter of the Jewell family.  “Stella, you’re here,” she said happily. Then, she peered behind Stella, “Where’s Keegan?” “Something came up at the last minute, so he couldn’t make it.” Sophia’s expression evidently turned disappointed. She grumbled slightly, “Then, why didn’t you say so earlier?” Stella glanced over Sophia’s dolled-up look and countered, “You’re all dolled up tonight. You got a date?” Sophia froze and avoided Stella’s gaze. She vaguely responded, “No. I was just practicing.” However, Stella had already entered the

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