Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted

Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted By Eleven Jewell Chapter 7

Chapter 7

say?” Sophia smiled, “A car will never have only one owner. The same goes for men.” Then, she winded up the windows for Stella before turning around and leaving. At the apartment, Felicity weighed the two gift boxes in her hands. She turned to Stella and said, “There must be five or six pounds here. Your dad really spends a lot of effort in pleasing the Kane family. Didn’t you tell him your mother-in-law doesn’t even look at the gifts he sends them?” “You think telling him would stop him?” Most of the channels were showing dramas starring Bella. Stella turned off the TV since she could not find the show she wanted. “He’ll just think his gifts were not their taste. Then, he’ll send them better ones the next time.” “What do you plan to do with these?” Stella did not know either. ‘Albert doesn’t trust me. Whenever he sends them a gift, he asks Keegan to see if they received it. Why doesn’t he give the gifts to Keegan and ask him to send them instead?’ she thought. Stella was reminded of her heated encounter with Keegan today. She felt a little regretful. ‘I should’ve held myself back a little. What if Keegan holds a grudge, and he doesn’t cover for me? I shouldn’t have gone that far,’ she thought again. She contemplated for a while before cheekily dialing Keegan’s number. The phone rang for a while before it was connected. However, the person on the other end hung up just as she was about to speak.  At first, Stella thought that it was a mistake and redialed. Once again, the call got hung up as soon as it was connected. Stella repeated the processes a few more times before finally realizing that Keegan was doing it on purpose. ‘That dog! He’s so vindictive!’ she thought. Naturally, Stella was not going to give up that easily. She would rather speak to Keegan than deal with his mother—Dahlia Crosby. She sent Keegan a text message. [Stella: You there, Mr. Kane?] Two minutes later, Keegan sent an icy one-word response. [Keegan: No.] Stella ignored his responded and sent another text. [Stella: My father gave me two boxes of white truffles. I’ll send them to your office tomorrow. Pass them to your mother for me.] Keegan responded to her text promptly. It was still a one-word response. [Keegan: No.] Stella patiently negotiated with him. [We’ll split the assets 60-40. You’ll get 60, and I’ll get 40.] Once again, Keegan gave her a one-word response. [Keegan: Hah.] Stella gritted her teeth and made her furthest concession. [Stella: Is 30-70 good enough? 70 for you and 30 for me. I can’t go any lower!] This time, Keegan did not respond for a long while. Just as Stella was contemplating 20-80, the phone rang. It was Keegan. She picked up her phone and answered. Keegan’s mellow voice traveled into Stella’s ear. “Accompany me to Aurora’s welcoming party tomorrow.” “No—” Keegan continued before Stella could finish her sentence, “I’ll help you.” Stella swallowed her unspoken words and responded meekly, “Okay.” Then, both ends fell silent. ‘This is the first time we’ve spoken to each other so calmly since I moved out that day. I’m suddenly a little not used to it. To be honest, Keegan’s actually a pretty decent marriage partner. He’s handsome and competent at work. Besides his cold personality and occasionally harsh remarks, he has no bad habits. Even though there’s a huge disparity between our family backgrounds, he always followed the rules of etiquette when it came to the Jewell family. Apart from not loving me, he has never treated me badly in terms of food, clothing, and expenses. Compared to other rich young men who commit debauchery on a daily basis and are embroiled in scandals, Keegan is merely a man who still has romantic entanglements with his ex-girlfriend. Is there a need to go to the extent of getting

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