Stella felt a pang of guilt and replied, "I didn't mean to blame you.

I was just asking." Keegan responded, "The tone of your question was really hurtful.

Even now, I still feel uncomfortable reading those words." Stella was rendered speechless.

Keegan wasn't just sharp in learning, but also good with words.

However, he seemed to have forgotten who his opponent was.

Feeling deeply sorry, Stella said, "What should we do? It's been over two minutes, so I can't take it back.

Why don't you just delete me? Then, you won't have to see those words and feel bad." There was silence from Keegan for a while, perhaps taken aback by her suggestion.

Stella asked, "Are you going to delete me?" Keegan was quiet.

Stella pleaded, "Please, delete me.

you to be upset!" They exchanged several messages until Keegan finally couldn't bear it and said, "Honey, I was

that? It's me who's wrong, making a fuss over

wu Keegan fell silent.

sent a bunch of pictures of bags, saying, "Honey, pick one." Stella was "indignant" and asked, "What do you mean? Do you think I want a bag?" Keegan replied, “Buy them all." Stella couldn't help but

just teasing

complete the restructuring of the company, your

have to raise children, so save some money and don't spend recklessly." Keegan had

Vinci Rivera Group decreased in the future, he wouldn't earn less money, but he still admired Stella's planning for their

are, and you

to sacrifice my wife, and besides, I've seen you browsing

I want to give them to you." Stella smiled as she read the

course, there

the fashion circle dealing with the fragrance industry, and if they didn't know each other well,

naturally fall into place, so the money

finished replying, there was a knock

phone and said, "Come in." The door opened, and Wren Adkin stood there with a

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