My Baby's Daddy

Chapter 33

Chapter 33

“Really? Then, is his girlfriend showing off their relationship on purpose? That would explain why she would leave a mark on a spot as obvious as his neck.”

“Yes! This means that President Presgrave is a man as hot as fire. I wonder how it feels like to stir things up on the bed with him.”

“Wait, who in our company has the ability to get on his bed?”

“I think Anastasia has a good chance. She’s beautiful, of course, but she has also dodged getting fired despite all the trouble she caused. I won’t believe it if she isn’t involved with President Presgrave in that sense. You do know that he fired Mr. Lawrence the other day, right? And Mr. Lawrence only committed a tiny mistake.”

“Could it be that the hickey wasn’t from his girlfriend but Anastasia instead? And she placed it there as a challenge to President Presgrave’s girlfriend?”

The three female employees allowed their imagination to run wild, as if they were actually writers of detective novels.

In the cubicle, Hayley’s expression kept shifting. She had already suspected that the mark on Elliot’s neck wasn’t due to an allergy, but she never expected it to be a hickey.

The girlfriend they were referring to must be Hayley herself, but the hickey had nothing to do with her. If it wasn’t her, then some other woman must have done it.

Who was with him last night? Was it really Anastasia?

was green with so much jealousy that it seemed to overwhelm her. If not Anastasia, then who? Was there any other woman by Elliot’s side that he

who it was, Hayley wanted her gone. Elliot could only be hers and hers

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“Where’s Elliot?”

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pursed her lips. “Then, tell him to rest more often, and don’t

“Of course.” Rey smiled.

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so she responded, “Sure, where are you? I’ll come

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