My Baby's Daddy

Chapter 32

Chapter 32 

“That’s none of your business. Whatever that needs to happen between us has already happened. You don’t know how much he loves me. He gives me everything I ask of him.” Hayley raised her eyebrow gleefully.

Anastasia was stunned for a few seconds. Looks like they have already slept together? Looks like I have underestimated Hayley’s abilities.

“Anastasia, don’t tell me you have fallen for him too?” Hayley asked tentatively.

“What? Are you scared that I’ll snatch him from you?” Anastasia wasn’t stupid. Of course Hayley was scared of her and wouldn’t let her live in peace.

“Y-You won’t be able to take him away.” Hatred flashed across Hayley’s eyes.

Anastasia felt uncomfortable as she recalled the kissing incident in the car last night. If Elliot really slept with Hayley, Anastasia really didn’t want to do anything intimate with him.

“Don’t worry, everything you’ve used before is dirty to me,” she responded coldly.

“All right, I’ll tell Elliot every word you said then.” Hayley sneered, assuming that Anastasia would be scared because she had said something wrong.

it. “Then, make sure you don’t miss even a syllable. Try mimicking my tone so that you can be more convincing

exuding confidence from head to toe, which was

after which Anastasia let out a sigh. If Hayley came looking to show off, she wouldn’t be getting what she

In the president’s office.

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a man’s deep and alluring voice

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got too bored, so I wanted to go for a walk.” With that, Hayley bit her

matter? Did someone bully you?” He

Anastasia just now. I wanted to apologize for what happened last time, but

frowned. “What

told her that we have the most intimate relationship. Then, she suddenly said that everything I’ve used is dirty to her.” Hayley’s eyes

was the dirty

Then, why did she initiate that kiss last night? Now she’s saying that I’m dirty? What an ungrateful

her. However, she found him spacing out and lost in his thoughts with no intention of comforting her. Doesn’t Elliot know

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