My Baby's Daddy

Chapter 22

Chapter 22

Despite that, Anastasia returned his gaze before replying with determination, “No one can stop me if I want to go.”

Right then, everyone was shocked by Anastasia’s attitude to challenge Elliot’s bottom line. She refused to go along with any of Elliot’s demands, and no one else in the entire company would have dared to do so.

“Alright, well, the meeting’s over now!” Even Felicia was terrified that Elliot might be angered and didn’t want to give Anastasia more opportunity to piss him off.

At this moment, Anastasia left her seat with her documents while Alice glared at her with jealousy. Who gave Anastasia the audacity to do what she did? How dare she treat Elliot like that?

When Anastasia returned to her office and wanted to take a sip of water, her office door was opened harshly before an angered figure entered the office.

When is this going to stop? She narrowed her eyes and looked at the man with a dark face in front of her before she placed her cup down. “What’s wrong, President Presgrave?”

“Show me President Curtis’s details.” Elliot reached out for the document from Anastasia.

“You saw him at the jewelry exhibition last night. His name is John Curtis,” Anastasia answered truthfully.

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my order. I don’t need you to worry about me.” Then, Anastasia opened the door to her office and motioned for Elliot to leave. “You should leave! I have to

Elliot gritted his teeth and said, “Anastasia, you’ll

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“You—” Elliot’s face darkened.

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