My Baby's Daddy

Chapter 23

 Chapter 23

Nevertheless, Anastasia tensed up when she saw John. Still, she had no right to interfere in her client’s clothing preference, even though they were discussing business. Then, Anastasia quickly sat down on the couch before giving John her draft. “You can take a look at the draft that I’ve designed for you, President Curtis. Do let me know if I should make any changes.”

After going through the draft papers, John complimented with a pleased manner, “These are great! As expected from a capable designer. I really like your designs, Miss Tillman.”

Then, he poured a cup of tea for Anastasia. “Do have some tea, and let’s start discussing our contract after this.”

“Uhm, I’m not thirsty since I just had dinner with my colleagues just now.” Anastasia rejected politely.

“You don’t have to see yourself as an outsider, Miss Tillman. How can you refuse a cup of tea when you’re already at my house? Isn’t that disrespectful?” John made it clear that he was upset.

Meanwhile, Anastasia stared at the cup of tea and made a decision before she took the tea and drank it. “President Curtis, it’s already late now, so why don’t we sign the contract now? My colleague is still waiting for me outside.”

“Your colleague?” John’s gaze wavered slightly.

because I wasn’t driving. Since it’s hard to get a cab here, I still need his help to send me home later on,” Anastasia explained with a smile as she tried to imply that someone was waiting for her and would definitely lodge a police report if she

just now. Please wait for a moment,” John said before he started looking at the draft again. Nevertheless, he was observing Anastasia’s reaction from the corners of his eyes. So what if your colleague is waiting for you when you’ve already drank the tea? I can

must get her by tonight. After that, he would use some money to buy her silence, and everything would be over. This was the tactic that John used every time, and all of the ladies ended up wrapped around his finger after

be obedient

her neck as well as a warm feeling around her chest before she wondered if the air conditioner in the living

tea for her. “Miss

anything odd, Anastasia took the cup of tea and drank it. Although the cool tea

draft?” Anastasia asked worriedly as she really wanted to leave

with it, and I believe in your ability as well. Hold on. I need to go to the washroom for

to be activated. By the time that Anastasia was in her most

was starting to feel really hot, and her face was flushed. It wasn’t until a sudden

starting to feel numb? It’s like… It’s like there’s a fire burning within my body

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