My Baby's Daddy

Chapter 16

Chapter 16 Why Should I Apologize?

At that moment, Anastasia was busy toasting with the other men who were approaching shortly before she bumped into Hayley the moment she turned around.

“Let’s have a toast, Anastasia. I’d like to apologize for what I did to you in the office back then.” Hayley apologized, but in response, Anastasia chuckled coldly, knowing clearly that Hayley was putting on a show under the guise of her hypocrisy. Therefore, she decided to ignore her and walk away, but Hayley suddenly seized her hand, which was holding the glass of red wine, and poured it all over her own dress before Anastasia could react.

“Ah!” Hayley screamed in horror.

As Elliot quickly came closer to investigate the commotion, Hayley took two steps back and fell into his embrace. “How could you do this to me, Anastasia?” she questioned Anastasia and blamed her for ruining her banquet dress with the red wine.

On the other hand, Anastasia was left standing in a trance while watching Hayley feign innocence. This b*tch really deserves an Oscar award for her acting.

know it’s my fault that I wanted to complain about you, but you can’t do this to me either…” Hayley tearfully and bitterly said, trying to make herself look as pitiful as possible. At the same time, every other socialite from the upper-class society in the banquet instantly looked at Hayley with sympathy before they gave Anastasia a contemptuous look for her despicable

Tillman.” Elliot’s voice was cold, and his glacial look suggested

made her pour the red wine on her dress. Therefore, Anastasia

just get changed.” Hayley shook her head, seemingly trying to endure her bitterness while pretending to take the

“I don’t need

Elliot spoke angrily, his eyes filled with coldness

and chuckled coldly. “I could apologize,

her plan had successfully worked, thanks to her understanding of Anastasia’s character ever since they were in primary school. Knowing that Anastasia was headstrong and unyielding, Hayley was trying to

Elliot’s eyes were filled with rage when they

It was my fault. I was just too clumsy, so don’t worry about me. I’ll be fine. Please don’t come down

hand to the former. Soon, the female manager came closer and said, “Miss Seymour, we have prepared a new dress for you. Please come

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