My Baby's Daddy

Chapter 17

Chapter 17 Eyesore

Anastasia stared at the man that was worried about her. “Does my character matter to you that much, Elliot? I’m not married to you, so it shouldn’t matter to you even if I screw myself up.”

Then, she turned around and wanted to leave, but her arms were grabbed by the man before he pushed her against the wall within the next second while his handsome face met hers in proximity.

There was anger in the man’s eyes as he sneered, “Looks like I’ve overestimated your capability, Anastasia.”

“Let go of me, Elliot. You a*shole!” Besides what happened that night five years ago, Anastasia had never been in such close proximity to a man.

She moved away in disgust when the man’s scent entered her nose. No matter how handsome Elliot was, Anastasia was disgusted by any men who had ever touched Hayley.

On the other hand, Elliot was stunned for a few seconds when he got closer to Anastasia as her scent reminded him of that night five years ago.

It was the similar faint floral scent that seduced him, and he couldn’t help but imagine how soft Anastasia’s red and full lips would feel if he kissed her.

When Elliot realized what he was thinking about, he quickly let go of Anastasia, while her arms were already red due to his forceful grip.

as she was about to leave

already changed into her gown and was receiving consolations from other

the same time, everyone entered the exhibition in the hall when it was time for the exhibition to start. As Anastasia entered along with the crowd, she started

the name of the young master of the Manson Family. You really run into all sorts of people here,

used some sort of dirty tricks!

I bet she can’t even afford

the conversation between the two young ladies behind her that was

young ladies would definitely befriend Hayley, so all of them knew about Anastasia

be bothered by them as she leaned down to observe one of her works before a soft woman’s voice rang out behind her. “Elliot, I heard that we can purchase the pieces of jewelry that are exhibited tonight, and I really like this jewelry, so can you get it for me? It’s just that it’s a little expensive as it costs around 10 million!” Hayley pointed at that jewelry that cost

the manager about it later,” Elliot

Elliot’s arm tighter before she gave

but the other young ladies were making her feel uncomfortable, so she was planning to leave after she was done

standing in front of the jewelry counter. Under the light’s illumination, Anastasia’s beautiful facial features and quiet demeanor made her look as beautiful as the diamond that

move on from the bad experience just now? Do you have your eyes on anything currently?” John walked over to Anastasia with

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