My Baby's Daddy

Chapter 27

Chapter 27

Another woman chimed in with a jealous tone, commenting, “Wow, they really went all in! I bet it’s his girlfriend! You know, the one who came to the company and got slapped by Anastasia?”

“I can’t help but wonder about Anastasia’s background, since she managed to get out unscathed after hitting President Presgrave’s girlfriend.”

“I guess President Presgrave was unwilling to fire her because of how pretty she is.”

“Do you guys think that President Presgrave likes her?”

“It is possible. Maybe her position in the company will change once she gets into his bed.”

“Damn! I want to have her beauty, too! President Presgrave won’t even spare any glances on ordinary employees like us.”

Right then, Anastasia, who was still in the toilet, knew well that she was the person who left a hickey on Elliot’s neck.

As for her possibly getting into his bed, she could give them a definite answer. Never! Never in a thousand years!

After the group of gossip girls left, Anastasia came out of the toilet and returned to her office before her landline rang.


for a while.” Elliot’s unique magnetic voice

anything, he hung up, causing her to sigh as he was the person that she

regarding work. At the thought of that, she started heading to

of the president’s office, she knocked before entering the office to see Elliot reading through


up and down while Anastasia

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come up here just to say

Presgrave. I’ll head back to resume my

Anastasia wanted to turn around and

Elliot asked, “Do

hearing that, Anastasia turned around abruptly. “What’s your relationship

Elliot refused to answer her

answered, “Of

so she had already thought of him as her closest best friend. Nonetheless, she didn’t notice that, because of her answer, the facial expression of the man sitting

if you don’t mention what happened last night to him,” Elliot gritted his teeth before reminding

Anastasia was stunned. Why would I tell Nigel about something as private as this? Still, I can now assume

this to anyone for the rest of my

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