My Baby's Daddy

Chapter 28

Chapter 28 

That damned Anastasia! Persuading Francis to buy a house for her as soon as she returns, even buying it without my knowledge! Ridiculous!

Naomi gritted her teeth in anger before she took out her phone and dialed her husband’s number.

“Hello.” Francis picked up.

“Francis, you bought Anastasia a house, but you didn’t even tell me about it. What are you trying to imply?”

“Oh, but you’re allowed to rummage my safe to give Erica pocket money?” Francis seemed to have guessed what she was doing instead.

“If you can fork out 8 million to buy a house for Anastasia, a mere ten or twenty thousand for my daughter won’t hurt, now will it?” Naomi accused.

“It’s not safe for Anastasia to live in a rented apartment with a child. Also, Erica is staying at home with us. It’s pretty nice.”

you? My daughter can’t even afford a bag, but she’s not pitiful at all to

house, anyway. I actually wanted to tell you, but I feared

emit smoke at any moment. What tactics did Anastasia use to trick Francis into liking her so well? 8 million to buy a house for her just like that! And the house would be Anastasia’s private

the safe, along with the contract. Then, she went downstairs and asked Erica, “Tell me, where is Anastasia working? I want to

you looking for

behind our backs. I’m now going to talk some sense


8 million on her? What about me? I have nothing!” Erica was also pissed. She was his daughter too, so she wanted to

drove toward Bourgeois with her mother. At around 3 pm, Anastasia was working on her draft. She


a cup of freshly brewed coffee with ice, and the silky texture and cream topping only served to make the cuppa look ever so pleasing. Anastasia reached out and picked it up, proceeding to take a sip. “Mm, not

maintain such a good figure?” Grace

“I overwork my brain every

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