Chapter 6 Embarrassed in Front of Him

At this moment, Erica, who was at a spa club, immediately contacted Hayley after hanging up her mother’s call.

Back then, they teamed up to make Anastasia lose her virginity and then had her driven out of the house. Now she and Hayley had become best friends, but in the past two weeks, Hayley had lost contact with her, and Hayley’s store was also closed. Hence, Erica didn’t know what Hayley was doing.

Soon Hayley’s voice came over the phone. “Hello, Erica.”

“Hayley, what have you been doing recently? Why is your store closed?”

“Oh! I-I’m traveling! Is anything the matter?”

“Hayley, let me tell you some bad news. Anastasia has returned to the country.”

In a luxurious villa, Hayley, who was enjoying the service of a servant on the sofa, was so frightened that she dropped her phone. She quickly picked it up, took a deep breath, then asked nervously, “When did she come back? Why did she come back? ”

“Why are you so nervous? You’re still afraid of her!”

“No, I’m just asking.”

“My dad told me. I don’t know what she’s doing, but I’m quite sure she’s coming back to fight over the family assets with me now, and she might cause you trouble too.”

A flash of viciousness glimmered in Hayley’s eyes when she heard that. Why didn’t Anastasia die abroad? That way, I won’t have to panic.

Everything Hayley enjoyed now was all thanks to her. She would never let Elliot know the truth as long as she was alive.

I can’t let him know that it was Anastasia back then.

“Erica, I’m also afraid that she will retaliate against me. Can you tell me everything you know about her in the future? I’ll be better prepared,” Hayley said to Erica.

Erica replied, “Okay, we will deal with her together in the future.”

After hanging up the phone, Hayley bit her lip. She was now used to being treated like a wealthy young lady, and she had only the best of everything. In order to make it up to her, Elliot gave her everything she wanted. Hayley became even greedier; she wanted more than material compensation. In fact, she wanted to be Elliot’s wife.

plans. Even Erica couldn’t know. Otherwise, Erica would be jealous of her and expose her. As such, she must have a

up her son. The little boy happily said goodbye to the teacher and ran to


“How was school?”

The teacher likes me very much, and my

have noodles in


with such an angelic character. Since he was a baby, he had never let her worry about him. He was not picky about food, he had a good personality, and he

they went home to cook dinner. The little boy played with Lego while Anastasia cooked dinner for two. At that time, the small apartment was

go well today?” the little boy

Anastasia curved her lips and smiled. In front of her son, she never complained about life or work. Even if life was hard, her son’s smile was sweet and could cure all

to see your grandfather in two days?” Anastasia asked her

really want to see Grandpa.” The little boy

would also not let Erica know that her son was conceived when she accidentally lost her virginity five years ago,

her arms. The moonlight from

morning, after seeing off her son, Anastasia took a cab to the company. Bourgeois was located in an eight-story building in the city

later, Bourgeois was invited to participate in a local

got out of the cab. Since she bought breakfast a little late, she paid for the cab fare while nibbling

at 8.30 AM, she was a little rushed for work at 9.00

the entrance to the elevator, Anastasia tried her best to finish her breakfast before entering the office, as it

she was chewing with her cheeks bulging, the elevator door opened, and

swallowed the bread with some difficulty and walked

a low and

and the next second, she was startled

even more alarming was that the elevator had mirrors all around. Now, she

face through the mirror

6th floor, Anastasia squeezed out of the elevator as soon as the doors opened. She felt so ashamed she wanted to dig a hole and bury

his handsome face appeared to crack, and a smile was


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