Chapter 7 The Scheming Hayley

Felicia immediately coughed. “Okay, the subject of today’s meeting is the competition that we’re participating in. First, congratulations to the two shortlisted designers, Alice and Anastasia.”

Anastasia raised her head and met Alice’s provocative gaze. If she won this time, the company would give her a large bonus. Hence, they were rivals. Felicia immediately analyzed the situation of this competition. As an experienced designer, she was very confident in her work.

While Anastasia was staring at the table, she suddenly felt eyes on her. Judging from the direction, it was undoubtedly Elliot’s.

Is this man really so free? Why is he staring at me all day long?

Anastasia’s mother sacrificed her life for him. To be honest, Anastasia really didn’t want to see him. Although he was only five years old at the time, and she couldn’t blame him for anything, she still had a kind of resentment in her heart.

“Anastasia, tell me your opinion.” Felicia suddenly cued her.

Anastasia was daydreaming just now, and now she had no idea what Felicia was talking about. She raised her head and looked at Felicia in confusion. “Uh… Which aspect are you referring to?”

Felicia’s face immediately turned ugly. How dare someone daydream at my meeting?

“Anastasia, although you are a designer dispatched from the headquarters, you shouldn’t be too arrogant and disregard me. You didn’t listen to what I said just now, did you?” Felicia was a harsh woman and wanted to teach Anastasia a lesson.

The other designers looked at Anastasia as if they were watching her make a fool of herself, while Anastasia’s face was also a little hot. While she didn’t know what to say, a low male voice sounded. “Tell me what the unique selling point of your design is.”

Elliot was giving her a reminder.

When it came to her work, Anastasia immediately became confident. “My work this time uses platinum, which is the most suitable material for inlays, with the addition of rhodium and palladium. Its gloss, hardness, and durability are very good, and it is also a rare material. It holds a superior connotation, it’s not easy to depreciate, it’s guaranteed not to change color, it has good stability, and it is suitable for collection purposes. My target customers are people who like to collect and buy luxury goods.”

speaking, she suddenly caught the deep gaze of the

short, it’s expensive!” Alice sneered. “I’m not the same as you. I focus on fashion elements. Nowadays, trends come and

“Each of our work

the meeting finally ended. Elliot only came to listen

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she almost choked on hearing this. She was instantly surrounded by envious and hateful

Can’t this man see my situation in the company? I’m being scorned by other people, and

her chair and said coldly, “Is there something you

accept the house I gave you yesterday?” Elliot narrowed his eyes and

I already said that I will not accept any repayment from the Presgraves.” Anastasia emphasized

place I chose has great facilities that can support him. There is a much better kindergarten for the elites in the community. It is also safer and more suitable for you to live with your child.” Elliot left his status as a

Anastasia because, as a mother, it was her biggest wish to provide her son with the

can give my son the best.” Anastasia disagreed. For a businessman like him, he couldn’t

long as her son was with her, even if she lived in less than stellar conditions, she would be

at the ruthless

for work purposes, please don’t look for me again.” After Anastasia

call from her father, who asked her to go home for dinner tomorrow. He also said he wanted to see her. Thus, she agreed, thinking that she needed to go

his seat, listening to the work

regarding the father of Anastasia’s

did not impress Anastasia, Elliot could only start

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