My Baby's Daddy

Chapter 35

Chapter 35 

Anastasia stopped laughing and looked at her son earnestly. “Jared, let’s not look for Daddy, okay? Mommy can raise you all by herself.”

“Grandpa said that it’s not right of my daddy to avoid taking responsibility, though. He has to be responsible toward you and me,” the little boy said with an adult-like expression.

Anastasia was speechless. Why did her father talk about such things with her son?

“Grandpa said that he will grow old and one day won’t be able to take care of us anymore.”

She could now feel the tears coming. Her father was worried that he would grow old and frail, hence unable to take care of her and her son. She tried to suppress the tears as she responded, “Be good, Jared. I’ll become strong and take care of both you and Grandpa.”

“Okay. I’ll also grow up quickly and be very tall, so I can take care of Mommy and Grandpa.” With that, the little guy returned to scarfing down his dinner.

Anastasia’s heart softened at his words. Her son was everything to her, so she absolutely must build a protective environment for him.

The next day was a Saturday.

It was early in the morning and she thought she wouldn’t have to go to work, but then she received a call from Felicia.

“Anastasia, why aren’t you here for overtime?”

to?” Anastasia sat up and placed her hand to her forehead as she asked. Why was it necessary to work overtime

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Anastasia answered a call from Felicia. “Come to

Director Evans’ office for a while. Look after

Grace gestured with an ‘okay’

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