My Baby's Daddy

Chapter 12

Chapter 12 Anastasia’s Way Out—Resignation

“Be a good girl, okay?” Elliot gently caressed Hayley’s head.

In that instant, Hayley was over the moon, feeling satisfied that she had gained Elliot’s favor. Unlike Anastasia, Hayley was flattered by the sudden entitlement that came to her life. However, she quickly decided to stop pressing on due to her fear of the repercussions that might follow her greed.

Furthermore, she was hoping to win Elliot’s heart with her meek character. She tried to be as gentle as possible since she didn’t have good looks that could make an impression on any man. Thinking she had won the battle, she believed Anastasia was going to be laid off soon and put her mind to ease.

As soon as Hayley got out of sight, Elliot reached for the phone and dialed the intercom.

“Hello.” Anastasia’s voice was heard.

“Come to my office at once,” the man responded with a voice that sounded angry.

At the same time, Anastasia took a deep breath in her office, thinking her fate was sealed while preparing for the worst. Well, I’ll just quit and leave Bourgeois if worse comes to worst. Then, she took the elevator to the 8th floor and made her way to the president’s office, whereupon she knocked on the door and entered the room.

In the meantime, Elliot was sitting in his chair, giving off an intimidating aura that filled the atmosphere around his room. “Explain yourself.” The man questioned Anastasia about her violent outburst earlier as a boss.

Anastasia squinted, thinking there was no point for her to explain anyway since she reckoned Elliot would believe everything his girlfriend, Hayley, said without question. “Who is Hayley to you?” Anastasia knitted her eyebrows and asked.

“Have you forgotten your place, Anastasia? You’re my employee, and since you’re in the wrong now, you should be the one answering my questions,” Elliot replied.

saw what happened. I gave her a

her? Was it because

was personal, which was the same reason she came to see me today. I know it was my fault to get physical with her, but she deserved it.”

stared at Anastasia with a complicated look, wondering whether the reason behind her unreasonable nature was really because of her mother’s death and her father’s questionable parenting method. “If you’re willing to admit your mistake, I promise I’ll let you off this

to Hayley?” Anastasia sniggered sarcastically and

settle your personal scores.” Elliot angrily lectured Anastasia, finding himself at the end of the rope while trying to reason with his life saver’s daughter. Moreover, Hayley was the lady he thought he had been missing and searching for the last five

thinking she should just walk away and leave all

right there, Anastasia,” the man shouted

looking back because she didn’t want to look at Elliot’s face anymore. Now that she realized he was Hayley’s boyfriend, she couldn’t help but feel annoyed to even look at Elliot.

promise me that there is no next time. Do you hear me?” Elliot tried his

passion for designing. Moreover, she also loved her job at Bourgeois after having worked there for three years. Soon, she looked back and fixed her eyes on the man who propped himself with his arms on

were the one who resorted to

just beat Hayley up. Deep down, she wished she could just kill Hayley but decided to keep the thought to herself, considering how much Elliot was concerned about Hayley. Soon, she returned to the office, while Felicia didn’t receive any notice

of coffee, comforting her superior. “Miss

fine.” Anastasia was so mad that she almost lost all of her inspiration. Thus, she put down the pencil and rubbed her forehead. “What are the people gossiping about

you should just ignore their gossip,”

what they’re

Some of them even say you’re his mistress, which is why that lady confronted you after finding out about your relationship with him,” Grace

amused as she nearly burst into laughter, disgusted with the idea of being with Hayley’s boyfriend, no matter how dumb she was. Not long after that, Felicia summoned

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