My Baby's Daddy

Chapter 18

Chapter 18 Go Against Him

When Anastasia checked the time and noticed that it was already 9.00PM, she realized that she needed to leave to return her gown, so she turned toward John and said, “Excuse me. I’ll be leaving now.”

“Let me take you home.”

“It’s fine.” Anastasia turned to reject him before she ran into a young lady by surprise. Angered, the young lady reached out to push her. “Are you blind?”

Anastasia staggered backward before she looked up to see the socialite’s arrogant face and apologized, saying, “I’m sorry.”

“Do you really think that saying sorry solves everything? You better start kneeling down and cleaning my shoes after you step on my feet!” The young lady obviously wasn’t going to let Anastasia off the hook and even wanted to humiliate her.

Right then, Anastasia pursed her lips. “I did not step on your feet.”

stepping on my feet when my feet are already hurting?!” the young

lady purposely stood in front of her so that she would run into

pull on Anastasia’s gown before the sound of something tearing rang out. The satin fabric on Anastasia’s gown was torn, and one side of her shoulder was revealed. Immediately, she reached out

Anastasia, someone else was faster than him as they quickly placed their blazer on her shoulder to

turned around gratefully to realize

thanks. In fact, she didn’t

Although Anastasia knew that she was going to attract other people’s attention, she really

she still

Anastasia because she witnessed how quickly Elliot removed his blazer to cover Anastasia

I’ll pick you up later,” Elliot said before he pulled Anastasia out of the hall while Anastasia struggled

Hayley felt like she was about to go mad from jealousy. How dare he leave me here

In that instance, her maroon bra was revealed from the torn gown. The sight

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