Chapter 5

After all, there was a vast difference between the quality of education in small towns and San Joto. 

Mr. Riddle Sr. frowned upon hearing that. Gloria had a point. What good teachers could a school in a small town have? 

Mr. Riddle Sr. took a deep breath, put down his teacup, and looked at Daniel with a serious face. “Arrange a school for Nicole as soon as possible. The children of the Riddle family should not be left behind.” 

Nicole raised an eyebrow slightly as she could tell that Mr. Riddle Sr. was bold in his decision and quick in action, which was a trait she liked. 

It was just that things like grades were… 

Just then, Daniel had already made a guarantee. “I know, Dad. I will arrange it.” 

Mr. Riddle Sr. nodded and looked at Nicole again. “I know the quality of education in small towns is not ideal, but all my grandchildren are in the top five of the grades in every exam. You can’t let me down, you know?” 

Seeing that Mr. Riddle Sr. cared so much about results, Nicole had no choice. “Don’t worry, Grandpa.” 

to lose face herself, even if it was

decorum, Mr. Riddle Sr. was very happy. He ordered the family butler, “I will go back today, and in a few days,

changed. “Dad… Is that

because of poor health, had not been involved in the business of Riddle Corporation,

they got together, Gloria and Daniel would inevitably be taunted by the other three couples. Gloria had had enough. Nicole’s return was a good thing, but the thought of her daughter having

Daniel said indifferently.

Joto, and the quality of education was guaranteed. Just that entry criteria were also high. Daniel

Creek Institute good?” Nicole squinted slightly, not having much knowledge about this

brothers are all attending that school. If you have also entered the high school of Royal Creek Institute, they can

the school last time, his wife was very reluctant. This time she would be even more reluctant, I guess,” Gloria said with concern. “Why don’t we think

give it a shot for the sake

are not bad people. They will just grouse about it. All I need is for Nicole to get a place in Royal Creek Institute.” Daniel whispered. He would do everything

grateful, but it also pained her to see

to do anything for her, Nicole blinked, unsure if she should

“Daniel is right. Damien will help. Even if

Riddle Sr. spoke emphatically, his eyes completely filled with the look of

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