Chapter 6

If Nicole successfully entered the high school of Royal Creek Institute, she would be a sophomore just like her. What if they were in the same class? The thought of these made Norah sick. 

“Don’t worry; I won’t let Dad and Mom worry about it. I can get into Royal Creek Institute by myself,” Nicole responded indifferently. 

“What?” Norah was stunned. “How do you get in by yourself?” 

She was just a high school student from the countryside, and she said she could enter Royal Creek Institute? 

Was it not that she was just bragging? 

“You don’t have to worry about that.” It was tiring to communicate with such a person. Nicole’s smile faded from her face, and she went straight upstairs. 

Norah looked at Nicole’s back, her eyes full of indignation. “I would want to see how you, a country girl, could get into Royal Creek Institute.” 

The next day was the weekend. Nicole got up early to go for a morning run. 

This was her habit for many years. After the morning run, she found a quiet place and started practicing her skills. She needed constant practice to keep her skills in a tip-top state. 

It was almost seven when she returned. As soon as she entered the door, Norah saw that Gloria and Daniel were already waiting for her, and Norah was also standing beside them. 

Mom were worried about you when they saw you were not here.” Norah saw Nicole approaching

went out for a morning run. Is there

relieved. “No wonder. Exercise is indeed a good

not easily take that for an answer. “No matter what I did before, I would tell Dad and Mom in advance so that they would not worry about me. You need to

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I went out for morning exercise. Besides, I told the family butler.” Nicole looked nonchalantly at Norah, wanting to


is just a small matter. There is no need to make a fuss about it. Let’s all sit down and have breakfast.” Danial suddenly

her brothers for making their parents worry about them, and her father had never reproved her

Norah suddenly said, “Does Dad think I am nosy? But I have been doing this all this

an adorable face and looked pitiful as soon as her eyes welled up.

Nicole, who was standing on the sidelines, had lost patience with Norah’s acting. “You did the right thing, but I am not a replica

caused Daniel and Gloria to remember that they must accept the difference between

a replica of anyone, as long as you are happy to be yourself.” Gloria reached out to help Nicole sort her sideburns. She only wanted her daughter to be happy,

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did, as she was afraid that such a good life would just be a dream. When the dream ended, she would return to

back, and they indulged Nicole, no matter what she did. But what about her? Had

cared to keep her image as a good elder sister. She turned around and said, “Mom,

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