Chapter 9

Nicole keenly caught a glimpse of the determination in the man’s eyes and suddenly realized that he was seizing the opportunity of her return and came to sound her out, and encouraged her to withdraw the marriage arrangement. 

It seemed that he did not want this marriage either. Just that Mr. Johnston Sr. refused, and so he came to dissuade her from agreeing to this marriage. 

Nicole frowned slightly. She did not like to be manipulated, and hated being used even more. 

“The Johnston family is prominent in San Joto, and Mr. Johnston, you are older than me. It is inappropriate for a little girl like me to cancel the marriage arrangement, and it is going to make the Johnston family look bad.” 

Nicole called herself a little girl, but her composure did not look like an eighteen-year-old at all. 

Jared looked sideways at Nicole but only met with her unfathomable eyes, his heart trembling inexplicably as if he had been seen through by this precocious little girl. 

That was interesting. 

As Daniel and Gloria came out of their shock, Daniel said in a deep voice, “Nicole is right. It was Mr. Johnston Sr. who proposed the marriage arrangement. If Nicole were to back off from this engagement, it would upset Mr. Johnston Sr.” 

Besides, the impact of canceling the engagement would affect Nicole dearly, and they needed more time to think about it. 

Even if Nicole really wanted to back off from the engagement, it should not be Nicole who brought this up. It would jeopardize the friendship between the two families if things were not handled properly. 

But the marriage engagement between the two families had long been spread far and wide in San Joto. If the Johnston family was to cancel the engagement, it was going to affect Nicole, too. 

moment and said, “Since it is a matter of two families, whichever side proposes it will hurt the friendship of the two families. So it is better for Nicole and I

and Gloria were very optimistic about this marriage, but if Nicole was not into it, they were not going to force it.

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a time.” Nicole had no objection.

losing her freedom, especially when she had just returned home.

and I will come and pick up.”

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such a good marriage with just a few words. Not willing to let

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was looking forward to this marriage before this. But when Nicole returned and Jared came to discuss the withdrawal of the engagement, Nicole agreed to it, to their

they still felt that they were missing such an excellent man like Jared as their son-in-law. Nicole

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have more choices in the future.” Gloria was relieved,

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gentleness and humility when he was talking inside.

goal, Norah still plucked up enough courage and said, “Jared, my sister does not know any better. Please don’t mind what

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