Chapter 8

Norah was really upset, her teeth almost sinking into her lip. But she had to put up a fake gentle smile as she followed behind the two. 

When they arrived home, the three of them noticed a luxury car that they had never seen before parked up in front of the door. 

Feeling curious, Gloria entered the house with her two daughters and saw a well-dressed man sitting across Daniel. 

Even if the man was not facing them directly, his extraordinary charm made it impossible for people to take their eyes off him. 

Norah had never seen such a good-looking man before. She rushed up to Gloria and said, “Mom, who is that person?” 

Gloria shook her head and walked in. “Hey, Daniel.” 

When Daniel saw Gloria and his daughters, he quickly got up and introduced them. “Jared, this is my wife, and this is my younger daughter.” 

As Daniel introduced Nicole to Jared Johnston, the affection on his face was plain to see. 

Norah was waiting for Daniel to introduce her, but Daniel did not even spare her a glance. 

Jared’s glacial eyes swept over the three of them, and then he stood up and nodded to Nicole. “Hello, I am Jared.” 

Jared’s words startled Gloria and Norah. 

and Mr. Riddle Sr. had made a marriage arrangement for their grandchildren in the early years, and Jared was the fiancé whom Norah had been hearing about but had never met. Jared had been studying abroad before.

when Jared finally returned to the country, she was no longer the

was staring at Nicole, jealousy turned into thorns pricking Norah in the heart. She felt hurt even when breathing.

fault for not coming back at the right time. Otherwise, she would be the only person


him was truly charming, but Nicole simply responded with her name and said nothing

had just returned, not knowing who Jared was. So, she quickly explained, “Nicole’s is

at Nicole. “It

said elated Daniel

the most outstanding grandchild of the Johnston family. It would

dark eyes and felt that there was more to this man than met the eye. She was good at reading people, but

deliberately let Nicole and Jared sit next to each other, and Norah

she was seated next

not been feeling well recently and wants to meet my fiancée. I know it is odd, but so I

was completely dumbfounded. “Fiancée?” What the hell was

Daniel coughed nervously, Gloria got the hint and hurriedly said, “Nicole, you just came back, and we hadn’t told you


‘What the hell?’ 

had only been back to the Riddle family for two days and had not even met all the family members. Yet here she

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