Chapter 11

Half an hour later, Sean drove them and arrived at grandpa’s place. 

 Mr. Riddle Sr. and his three sons- and daughters-in-law had already arrived. When they saw them entering, the second daughter-in-law, Karen, could not help but smile triumphantly. “Daniel, Gloria, have you two been very busy lately? You are making us wait.” 

“I am sorry, Karen. The traffic was a little bad today.” Gloria squeezed a smile. She would endure it all for Nicole’s sake. 

Nicole studied Karen with a frosty face and did not greet her. 

When Karen’s eyes met hers, Karen felt a chill run up her spine. Nicole was just a brat. What was she afraid of? 

Thinking of this, she scoffed and said, “So this is your child that had gone missing for years? She indeed looks a bit like her brothers. But have you done the DNA test? Don’t mix up again this time.” 

Hearing Karen open the old wounds of his parents, Sean frowned and said, “Aunt, what you said is a bit too much.” 

Leaving Nicole wandering outside all these years was Gloria’s deepest pain. So what Karen did was tantamount to adding salt to injury. 

“Sean.” Daniel shook his head at him, motioning him not to speak. 

Gloria put up with Karen’s jabs and let out a gentle smile. “Thank you for the reminder, Karen. But this time the police have compared the DNAs, and Nicole is our family member.” 

Gloria was timid, but her hand holding Nicole’s hand was powerful and made Nicole feel warm. 

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digging up the past, would you?” Nicole’s third uncle could not bear to hear it and

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meal is almost ready. Please take your seat.” Mr. Riddle Sr. did not want to hear the quarrel and motioned for

third aunt looked at Nicole with tender eyes. “Nicole just turned eighteen this year, right? Are

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a schoolmate

“You two are too naïve. Not any Tom, Dick, and Harry can enter Royal Creek Institute. Even if it

like this, Karen?” Nicole’s third aunt felt what


glanced toward Damien, Nicole’s eldest uncle. “Damien and his wife should know it better. Even if Dad and Mr. Ellison are old acquaintances, Mr. Ellison still set a high bar for our children. Nicole grew up in the countryside;

was so mean

blocked what they were going to say before they could even say it. The couple was so sad and could not find a word to respond. They felt indebted

looked at Nicole in silence

turned his head and frowned at his eldest son. “Damien, what do


suddenly said, “Dad, Karen has a point. Nicole came from the countryside where the education standard was average. Even if Mr. Ellison lets her in, her grades are not going to make it. It will


going to be a star in the future. If people found out that her daughter had a country sister at school, she would be very ashamed of it.

objected to it, Damien fell into

help but glance at Nicole.

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